Newest Recruit To The Revolution: Tenzil Kem!

Yup, the Revolution is growing. We here at the bunker are excited that Tenzil Kem has signed up with the Revolution. I’m sure Tenzil is going to be a great addition to the Revolution and a joy to have here at the bunker. Of course, Tenzil, that does NOT mean you can keep eating the remote control to our wide screen high definition TV! Try popcorn or maybe some potato chips next time you want a snack while watching TV! Sheeesh.

Anyway, Tenzil has posted his first of many reviews to come. Check it out. Unlike me, Tenzil prefers DC titles. So, he will probably focus much of his attention on that area of the comic book universe. However, I’m sure I’ll get him hooked on a couple of Marvel titles before too long.

Tenzil has a different style from me, so that should make followers of the Revolution happy. Tenzil is a great addition to the Revolution because he doesn’t always agree with me. So, we’ll be able to debate both sides of most issues in the comic industry. Especially the Legion of Super-Heroes. That title is definitely our favorite title and we certainly have some strong opinions about the direction that it is currently headed! All right, enough rambling from me. I have to get back to watching Magno-ball on TV and eating my fried platanos. Viva la Revolucion!

1 thought on “Newest Recruit To The Revolution: Tenzil Kem!

  1. I am, as Rokk says, more of a DC fan. I am collecting Squadron Supreme, but am mostly a DC Comics fan. I pick up Marvel trades on occcasion, especially for some of the classic storylines, like Secret Wars and the Dark Pheonix Saga.

    My pull list:

    Squadron Supreme

    Legion of Superheroes
    JSA Classified
    Any Secret Files
    JLA (when it comes back)
    Secret Six

    I tried Firestorm recently, but at todays prices, couldn’t find enough to recommend it.

    Which lets me explain one more thing. I’d be collecting many more comics, probably most of DC’s lineup and a bit of Marvels, if comics were not so expensive. So an overriding influence in my reviews, even if it is left unspoken, is “Was the money I paid for this comic justified?”. There are at least a dozen other comics waiting for me to try them, so I have no patience for comics that don’t deliver.

    Except for the Legion of Superheroes. I’ve suffered through a couple of tepid streaks in that tile, but I’m too much of a FAN to drop that comic.

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