NYCC 2018 Day 1

NYCC 2018 Day One News Round-Up

NYCC 2018 Day 1

The first day of New York Comic Con 2018 has come and gone. As it was the first day of the event and still only Thursday it was a slower news day. But even though New York Comic-Con’s first day was jammed packed with announcement there were sizable news items that provided the excitement for fans of DC Comics, Marvel and other companies. Let’s take a look at what was revealed on the first day of NYCC 2018.


NYCC 2018 Young Justice Returns
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DC Comics led the way for the first day of New York Comic Con as they made the big announcement that Young Justice would return in comic form. Not only will the series return with Tim Drake’s Robin, Connor Kent’s Superboy, Wondergirl, Impulse and other well known Young Justice members the series will be written by Brian Bendis and Patrick Gleason. That is an impressive tag team to launch a series like Young Justice that has a strong fanbase that has grown thanks to the cartoon, which is returning for a third season in 2019.

The return of Young Justice is just the beginning as DC Comics also announced several other under the Wonder Comics imprint. The comics included in this new imprint are: Wonder Twins by Mark Russell and Stephen Byrne; Naomi by Brian Bendis, David Walker and Jamal Campbell and; Dial H For Hero by Sam Humphries and Joe Quinones.

Seeing DC Comics invest in an imprint that will target younger readers while still being in-continuity is extremely smart. Having Bendis as the main lead of the Wonder Comics imprint will also help as he was one of the architects of Marvel’s Ultimate Universe. Given that history there will be high expectations behind Wonder Comics imprint, particularly with the Young Justice comic  

Sources: Newsarama and Bleeding Cool


NYCC 2018 Age Of X
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It’s not a big coincidence that since it was announced that Disney is acquiring Fox Entertainment’s intellectual properties that we’ve seen Marvel refocus their attention on the X-Men franchise. After all once the deal goes wraps up Disney and Marvel will have full control of the X-Men entertainment franchise. We’ve already seen clues of this as the iconic Uncanny X-Men comic is returning in the form of a weekly series. Now we learn that the X-Men aren’t out of the fire from big events happening in their lives.

Starting in January we are going to be seeing a new Age of X series that will feature the X-Men. Not much has been revealed outside a teaser image and cover for a comic titled Age of X-Man Alpha #1 by Zac Thompson, Lonnie Nadler and Ramon Rosanans. From the cover of Age of X-Man it looks like whatever this story will be about it will feature older versions of Magneto, Colossus and other X-characters. How this relates to the big Disassembled story being told in Uncanny X-Men is anyone’s guess.

Source: Bleeding Cool


NYCC 2018 Marvel Presents
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Continuing the announcements Marvel announced Captain America, Namor and Winter Soldier will reunite for a new Invaders series. While the Invaders are necessarily an Avengers comic they are spiritually a series under that banner. What makes the return of Invaders an exciting announcement is the creative team of Chip Zdarsky, Carlos Magno and Butch Guice. Zdarsky is coming off a hot run on Spectacular Spider-Man while Butch Guice has done an excellent job on Captain America back during the Ed Brubaker era. Having these two together will make Invaders a comic for fans to keep an eye out for.

Along with the Invaders it was also announced that for their 80th anniversary celebration we will be getting a comic under the name Marvel Presents. Interestingly this anthology series will feature stories with Wolverine, Captain America and Namor. Each story will take place at a different time period in Marvel’s history with Charles Soule, Greg Pak, Ann Nocenti, Tomm Coker, and Paulo Siqueira as the announced creative staff. That is a strong, talented team assembled for Marvel Presents that will attract fans attention to it.

Sources: Bleeding Cool and CBR


NYC 2018 DC Universe Schedule
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Up until now we only new about the date for the Titans live-action debut. Before the first season even premiered we learned that Titans was already renewed for a second season. That wasn’t surprising since DC Comics wants to build as much positive momentum for their exclusive content for the DC Universe streaming service. Renewing Titans for a second season was a good way of doing that. But the question still was when we would be getting dates for all the other DC Universe exclusive content?

We finally got an answer to that as we learned Young Justice: Outsiders will have three episodes premiere a week from January to mid-February and then return to complete its 26 episode season from June to July. In the middle of that break for Young Justice: Outsiders we will have Doom Patrol from mid-February to end of May. Swamp Thing will go from end of May to August, Stargirl will go from end of August to December and Harley Quinn will go from mid-October to sometime in 2020.

That is a schedule that does fill out the year for the DC Universe service but does put into question what else will be offered throughout the year. With other movies and TV shows still under contract with other streaming services there still needs to be more revealed about it. Because with Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and Disney stepping up their game in how much exclusive content they are releasing this the DCU content does feel light since it’s mostly one show going on per month. Only time will tell how this schedule will turn out for the DC Universe streaming service.

Source: IGN


The second season of Daredevil was divisive among fans. Some loved it, especially the Punisher portion, while others didn’t find it to have the same magic as season one. Whatever camp you fall under if you are a Daredevil fan it will be hard not to be excited for season three. The trailer shows that it will adapt several iconic Daredevil storylines as the war between Daredevil and Kingpin intensifies. On top of that we are teased with the fact that the person that is running around as the second Daredevil is none other than Bullseye. With all of that it does look like Marvel is going for broke and treating this as a big final season for Daredevil, even if that is not the case. Whatever it is Daredevil season three looks like it could be the best single season of all the Marvel Netflix shows.

Source: Netflix’s YouTube


NYCC 2018 Aquaman Poster
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It is said that we are going to get a new trailer for Aquaman during NYCC 2018. To tease that a new poster for the Aquaman movie was released. What is notable from this is that the costume appears to be much more vibrant than with its green and gold comic book accurate look to it. Though it may be exciting for Aquaman fans this new poster does look extremely photoshopped. If it wasn’t officially released by DC I would’ve thought it was a fan-made poster. That is all because the appearances of the Aquaman costume is so different from the version of the costume we’ve seen so far. Hopefully the new trailer that will be released clears this up.

Source: IGN