NYCC 2018 Spotlighted DC Universe’s Biggest Problem

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New York Comic Con 2018 was a great show for DC Comics. The company brought their biggest talents to the stage to showcase all their upcoming projects. Along the way we also got more information on the DC Universe streaming platform. Specifically we finally got details on the release schedule for Titans, Young Justice: Outsiders, Harley Quinn and other shows that will make up the new exclusive content for the streaming service. Those details while attention getting shines a spotlight on what the DC Universe streaming service is up against, specifically its stiff competition.

To be sure it was a big sigh of relief that we actually got a full release schedule for all the shows that will be on the streaming service. The calendar that they put into place assures that from the moment Titans premieres that they will have something new every week. This should pair nicely alongside the classic comics, movies and TV shows based on DC Comics property already on the platform and that will also be released in the future.

DC Universe TV Show Schedule

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The main word there is “should,” because while an exciting announcement it does point to the biggest problem DC Comics was facing with their streaming service: content. The schedule that they released feels more like DC and WB are trying to stretch their content out. Unlike the likes of Netflix and Hulu, DC Universe in its current version is not tapping into the binging culture that said companies have cultivated. That unfortunately makes the DC Universe service less appealing to many who have gotten accustomed to consuming their content in this way.

Now instead of going with the binging route DC Universe release schedule is much more comparable to broadcast television. That makes it even tougher to get invested in the shows that will be on the platform as DC already has Arrow, Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl and Black Lightning airing new episodes on CW. That is on top of other shows that many consume on weekly broadcast TV or binge watch on other streaming services.

That competition for time in the main comic book audience that DC Universe is fighting for was made even harder during NYCC 2018. During the comic con we got trailers and new information on The Boys, Umbrella Academy and Deadly Class. When you add those comic book shows on top of The Walking Dead, Arrowverse, Gotham, Netflix MCU, Krypton and others like it that are hitting the same target audience that is a lot of heavy competition. That competition makes it necessary that DC Universe steps their game up even more on all fronts for exclusive classic and new content.

DC Universe Titans

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Not all things are bleak for the DC Universe service because for hardcore fans it is exactly what they wanted. With so many streaming services out on the market DC and WB will need to double down on that loyal, hardcore market. Because it is those same loyal fans that will be the influencers that they need once the DC Universe library gets filled out by this time next year. DC Comics just need to make sure they are more open about content they are releasing and put out new, exclusive content to make up for places they can’t compete with other streaming services.