NYCC 2019 Commentary: Marvel Shines Spotlight On Their New Star

Marvel kept the ball rolling on the first day of New York Comic Con 2019 with several announcements. One of them was the return of ‘The End’ comic books, which we covered here. In addition to that Marvel announced a brand new mini-sering starring Star. Star is a new character that was introduced in the pages of Kelly Thompson and Carmen Carnero’s Captain Marvel #8. This was a head scratching announcement for several reasons.

One reason why this announcement for a new Star mini-series is because the current Captain Marvel story arc that introduced the character is not over. The timing of this announcement spoils the fate of the character for that story arc.

Tying into that, another reason this is an announcement that raises eyebrows is that in Captain Marvel #10 revealed the character has villainous intentions. Those villainous intentions included stealing Carol Danvers’ Captain Marvel powers and using it as her own. In addition to that, Star, who has been revealed to be Ryan Rippley, has infected all of New York City with the same virus that has been causing Carol’s power troubles. Seeing as that was the literal end of Captain Marvel #10 it does not make Star a character that should have a mini-series.

The character of Star and Ryan Rippley have also not been well developed in the current Captain Marvel arc. Up until her major appearance in Captain Marvel #10, Star appeared more as a background character that quickly stole the spotlight from Captain Marvel and then disappeared in each appearance. Without more of a screen presence up until now Star has come across as nothing more than a side character rather than a fully fleshed out character.

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All of this screams of Marvel rushing to make Star a character that they want to put over. That has never worked in the past with new characters. The rush to make Star something more than she is now just speaks to Marvel’s impatience. If Marvel truly wants to create a new character that fans should get behind it would be best for Star to be built up with more appearance in other comics first. 

With so many great characters like Jessica Drew’s Spider-Woman, Wasp, Scarlet Witch, She-Hulk, Mockingbird and White Tiger, just to name a few, this Star mini-series announcement feels rushed. I hope that I’m wrong and that the Star mini-series actually builds interest in the characters future appearances. But as of now this is not the most exciting announcement that Marvel could’ve made to start New York Comic Con 2019.


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