NYCC 2019 Commentary: New Wolverine Series Launches At Perfect Time

NYCC 2019 Commentary: New Wolverine Series Launches At Perfect Time

NYCC 2019 Commentary: New Wolverine Series Launches At Perfect Time

Marvel has talked about how there will different Waves of new X-Men coming after House of X and Powers of X wraps up. Wave 1 consists of X-Men, Excalibur, X-Force, New Mutants, Fallen Angels and Mauraders, all of which will launch right after House of X and Powers of X ends. Now at New York Comic Con 2019 we learned the first series that will make up the X-Men’s Wave 2. Appropriately it is a new solo series for Wolverine.

It’s surprising that we haven’t seen a new Wolverine ongoing series since Logan returned to life back in 2018. Wolverine is easily one of Marvel’s most well-known superheroes and consistently a top selling comic book. Though to be fair Wolverine has been a big presence in other comic books like Marvel Comics Presents, Infinity War, Wolverine: The Long Night, Dead Man Logan and various X-Men comics. Still, the patience in waiting until the  X-Men’s Wave 2 to finally give Wolverine a new ongoing series is impressive given Marvel’s normal track record.

But now we are finally getting a new Wolverine ongoing series. To mark the occasion, Marvel has given the new series to the creative team of Benjamin Percy, Adam Kubert and Viktor Bogdanovic. This is a great creative team to assign a high profile book like Wolverine. 

Kubert has a long history working on X-Men comics throughout his career. Arguably his best work has come from drawing Wolverine’s solo adventures at various points in his career. So having him attached to this new Wolverine series will give fans of the character a lot to look forward to. It’ll also help with building Bogdanovic up since he is an artist Marvel fans may not be familiar with. Working together, Kubert and Bogdanovic are sure to deliver strong artwork.

NYCC 2019 Commentary: New Wolverine Series Launches At Perfect Time
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Which is a great thing for Benjamin Percy, who Marvel clearly sees big things from as they are making him a big part of the X-Men comics alongside Jonathan Hickman. Percy’s writing for solo series has always been strong. His runs on Green Arrow and Nightwing for DC Comics being a great showcase of that. Working on a Wolverine solo series gives Percy the chance to write more of the Marvel Universe since the character is deeply connected with so many characters including the Avengers and Spider-Man.

What will be interesting to see is how much Percy, Kubert and Bogdanovic dive into Wolverine’s recent history. Wolverine is uniquely positioned within the X-Men franchise since he does not need the X-Men to be part of his supporting cast. Wolverine’s cast can easily mix in characters like Nick Fury and Black Widow that the series can stand on its own without having to rely on the X-Men to help sell it.

On top of that there is the recent introduction of Wolverine’s daughter, Rien, in the pages of Marvel Comics Presents. It is still not clear if Rien is going to be part of the current continuity since House of X and Powers of X have reset the X-Men’s continuity numerous times. Rien would add an intriguing element to the new Wolverine series since Logan has been known to take various young X-Men like Kitty Pryde and Jubilee under his wing. The dynamic between Logan and Rien can be dove into further along with X-23 and Daken.

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All that said, it is very exciting to finally have an ongoing Wolverine series again. There are so many possible directions this new Wolverine series can take in the current Marvel landscape. And I have no doubt Percy, Kubert and Bogdanovic will deliver big with this new Wolverine series.


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