Poll: Which X-Title Is Currently The Best Read?

The Revolution’s very first poll dealt with the X-titles and which one is the best read at this moment. And the followers of The Revolution have spoken loudly, and they say that Uncanny X-Men is the X-title that is currently the best read. We got a total of 204 votes.

1st Place: Uncanny X-Men with 84 votes (41%)
2nd Place: Astonishing X-Men with 72 votes (35%)
3rd Place: X-Factor with 32 votes (15%)
4th Place: X-Men with 14 votes (6%)
5th Place: New X-Men with 2 votes.

Personally, I voted for X-Factor. That is now big surprise to anyone who is a regular here at The Revolution. However, I am a realist and I actually thought that X-Factor would take 4th place in this poll. The fact that X-Factor crushed Carey’s X-Men puts a big smile on my face.

I was actually surprised that Uncanny X-Men came in first place over Astonishing X-Men. Astonishing X-Men has gotten rave reviews and has generally been regarded as the strongest X-Men title. I really expected Astonishing X-Men to take first place.

The fact that Uncanny X-Men took first place is a real testament to the brand loyalty that title possesses as well as Uncanny X-Men’s massive marketing power. Personally, I would have placed Uncanny X-Men as the third best X-title.

Carey’s X-Men ended up exactly where I thought it belonged, but I didn’t expect it to take 4th place. I figures it would end up either in 2nd or 3rd place.

Poor New X-Men didn’t get any love at all. Only two votes! I don’t read this title, so I can’t really comment on the quality of the story and artwork.

Thanks for participating. It is always cool to see what the followers of The Revolution think about the world of comic books.

2 thoughts on “Poll: Which X-Title Is Currently The Best Read?

  1. Regarding New X-Men, I’m a fan of that title, but I’m not surprised it scored that low by comparison to the others; it’s a title with mainly no-name characters (apart from Laura/X-23). I wouldn’t call it a great book; it’s fairly action-heavy, and rarely slows down (although the next two issues, “Children of X-Men”, are just that), but it’s got very edgy writing (very dark, especially for a teenage team), a great handle on X-Men continuity, and uses a lot of older villains who don’t appear much (the kids have been confronted by Reverend Stryker and his Purifiers, NIMROD, and Selene, the Black Queen).

  2. The NXM writers (Kyle and Yost) are very Claremont-like in their plotting; they have a number of different plots, which they pick up or leave to simmer off-panel at intervals. In the case of the Black Queen, she popped up in #32 (the title is now at #41), and seduced/recruited one of the Institute’s runaway students, a mutant named Wither (a sort of updated Rogue, whose touch destroys all organic matter; come to think of it, post-Carey, that’s more or less Rogue’s power too now) into joining her (offering to make him her “king”). She’s gone under the radar since then, but the writers have said she’ll be back post-crossover with a team of her own, presumably young mutants with death-related powers.

    Stryker was the main villain for most of Kyle and Yost’s first year on the title; he took M-Day as a sign from God that humans still had a chance to vanquish the demons, and formed a militia called the “Purifiers” to slaughter “Xavier’s chosen” and prevent any kind of resurgence. He came pretty close, too, firebombing a bus full of depowered students (over forty died) and assaulting the mansion itself, but he was killed; his followers remain, and will play a major role in the fall crossover. Then again, we were specifically shown that the Purifiers managed to repossess his body, so maybe he’ll cheat death.

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