Preview of the Week’s Releases for 11/11/09

As I mentioned earlier in my reviews for last week’s comics I have been working on a new post and am about done writing it up. And this new post is my own Top 25 Anime Character list. Starting on Thursday I will be posting my list of favorite anime characters by revealing five characters each day, with the top 5 being revealed in their own posts. Also I created this banner for this new post hope everyone likes it.

Now on to preview this week’s comic book releases.
Amazing Spider-Man #611 – After taking a break from Amazing Spider-Man this past month I am back to picking up this title. And this issue with Deadpool is an issue I have been looking forward to reading. We get Spider-Man and Deadpool in the same issue written by Joe Kelly what else would you want. This should be just a fun issue.

Batman #693 – Though the I wasn’t blown away by Tony Daniel’s first issue I was impressed with how much his writing improved from the work he did in Battle for the Cowl. I am glad that he brought back the Falcone family but at the same time I still am not digging Black Mask. Still, I am looking forward to reading this issue to see if Daniel can give us another solid issue of Batman.

Batman and Robin #6 – The last issue of Batman and Robin was highly disappointing. It was Morrison’s worst issue on this title which has so far been enjoyable. Though I am interested to learn about the Flamingo and how Dick and Damien will get themselves out of the situation they have found themselves in last issue.

Daredevil #502 – For the past six or seven months Daredevil has been the comic I look forward to reading the most. This series has been on a role and Andy Diggle did a fantastic job with his first issue on this series. The last few pages from the last issue were freaking awesome and can’t wait to see more of Matt as the leader of The Hand.

Green Lantern Corps #42 – The last issue of Green Lantern Corps issue was nothing but popcorn for the brain with some it being completely dominated by the fight between the Green Lantern Corps and Black Lanterns, but I enjoyed it. While I don’t expect things to change in this issue Tomasi always provides some solid character work so this should be another fun issue.

Realm of Kings: Imperial Guard #1 – I have become a complete sucker for everything related to the cosmic corner of the Marvel Universe. And I loved War of Kings. DnA did a fantastic job with that event and I can’t wait to see what they have in store with Realm of Kings, though it is weird that Imperial Guard is coming out before the Realm of Kings one-shot.