Previewing this Week’s Releases: 8/3/09 – 8/9/09

If you haven’t read them yet be sure to read and comment on my Ultimatum #5 and Ultimatum: Spider-Man Requiem #2 reviews now up over at Rokk’s Comic Book Revolution.

Now it looks like my pull list for this week is dominated by Marvel as I won’t be getting any DC titles this week. This isn’t anything for me new as other the Batman and Green Lantern franchises there isn’t any other titles/project to be excited about that DC is publishing right now. At the same time Marvel just seems to want all my money until I am broke as they publish more titles and projects that peek my interest. What a difference in approaches between the two companies right now. Hmmm!

Oh well! Enough of my small rant for this week now onto this week’s releases:

Amazing Spider-Man #601 – For the past few months Amazing Spider-Man has actually been providing some very good stories. And after the huge anniversary issue two weeks ago with issue #600 it seems as though this title is going to provide us with some great stories these next year. With this issue bringing back MJ back this issue and story arc should be very interesting as she interacts with both Peter and Spider-Man. Hopefully the supporting cast that the Spider-Man Brain Trust have built up still plays a large role in this issue and is not pushed aside because of MJ’s return. I also look forward to Mario Alberti’s artwork as I was a huge fan of his work on the X-Men/Spider-Man mini-series from last year.

Captain America: Reborn #2 – The first issue of Steve Rogers return was a lack luster return of the character. Even though I did not like the way Ed Brubaker revealed that Steve is still alive I still have faith that he and Hitch can deliver a much better story with this second issue.

Invincible Iron Man #16 – So far I have been mixed with “World’s Most Wanted” arc going on in this title. Matt Fraction has done a good job with building the problems facing Tony and Maria Hill but his execution sometimes makes this story arc read too much like other Iron Man stories from the past. Though with the announcement at SDCC of issue #19 being the final showdown between Tony and Norman I am hopeful Fraction can turn things around and start providing more solid reads on a consistent basis till then.

War of Kings #6 – I can’t believe the final issue is finally here. Time sure flies by when an event comes out on time doesn’t it? DnA and Paul Pelletier have been doing a fantastic good showing all current and future writers and artists of big events should execute big events. War of Kings has done an excellent job in both being a fast paced and methodical read as it has built up to the big confrontation between Black Bolt and Vulcan. And this should be one hell of a final issue as DnA and Pelletier have yet to disappoint with War of Kings. I can’t wait to read this issue.

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra – Though at first I was very hesitant about this movie being any good, but the more I see of this movie through the commercials and trailers the more I think this won’t be half as bad as I originally thought. If anything I going to go into the movie theater with the same mentality I went in with for Transformers 2: this should be a fun action packed summer blockbuster movie. As long as the movie can deliver with the entertainment like Transformers 2 I will look past the flaws in the story.