Previewing this Week’s Releases: 8/31/09 – 9/6/09

I would like to say that my lack of post this week is because I spent my whole weekend studying for my class but in all honesty I have become addicted to playing Dissidia Final Fantasy. Games like Dissidia is the reason why I try not to play to much as I become addicted to video games and obsessed with passing them. Good thing is I am almost done with the game and I should go back to normal and do regular post this week. Enough of me giving excuses, time to preview this week’s releases.

Invincible Iron Man #17 – So far “World’s Most Wanted” has been a mixed bag with the storyline going back and for between good and bad issues. With only two issues left in this arc before starting the “Tony Stark Disassembled” arc I am hoping that Fraction can deliver a good ending to this story arc.

Oz: The Wonderful Wizard of OZ Hardcover – I got to give Marvel a lot of credit as their adaptions of books have been great does far and Oz: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz id no exception. While I have all the issues for this mini-series I have to recommend this to everyone to pick up this hardcover. This was a spectacular mini-series by Eric Shanowner and Skottie Young. If you aren’t interested in OZ I have to say that Young’s artwork alone is enough of a reason to get it as it is phenomenal. I look forward to The Wonderful Land of Oz in November.

Spider-Man: Sinister Six Premier Hardcover – I enjoyed this Sinister Six storyline from Amazing Spider-Man #334-339 and it was one of the first comic book stories I read as a kid. While I will probably wait a couple weeks to get this hardcover this is definitely one of my favorite Spider-Man stories.

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #2 – I loved the first issue of the relaunch to one of my favorite series in the past decade in USM. Though I don’t like the whole Peter/Gwen hook-up Bendis has built up my trust with the great work with this series. Also I loved LaFuentes artwork as it gives this title a new distinct look.

Bleach Volume #28 – This is one of my favorite current mangas and I have been enjoying this Arrancar arc as it has been much better than the Soul Society. What is interesting to note about this series is that the anime has caught up to where the manga is now here in the US. It will be interesting to see if Viz starts releasing more of the manga volumes at greater speeds like they have done with Naruto. Still, I am interested to seeing how Tite Kudo continues this great Arrancar arc with our heroes in Hueco Mundo, the world of the Hollows.

Video Games
Soul Caliber: Broken Destiny – Soul Caliber is one of my favorite fighting games and this PSP release is great as it adds a game to my thin PSP Game collection. And while I can say how great this game will be and my love for the characters there is really only one reason why this is a must buy for my PSP: Kratos. The God of War, along with the sequel, is one of my favorite video games and God of War III is one of my most anticipated video games for next year. I want to see how Kratos matches up with the Soul Caliber characters.

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