Previewing the Week’s Releases: 10/12/09 – 10/18/09

Batgirl #3 – This new title starring Stephanie Brown as the titular character hasn’t been bad but it hasn’t been good either, it has just been average. Still with Batman and Robin supposedly appearing in this issue maybe Miller can save this series from being cut from my pull list.

Batman #691 – I have actually been enjoying the latest Judd Winnick run on Batman. While it hasn’t blown me away this is still a solid story with Dick Grayson growing into the role of Batman. And with a Batman vs. Two-Face to wrap things up for this storyline I’m interested to see conclusion of this story.

Blackest Night: Batman #3 – Tomasi has done a great job so far on this Batman tie-in to Blackest Night. Even though I have not been a big fan of Blackest Night this Tomasi has done such a great job that I look forward to reading this issue as he writes the best version of Dick Grayson and the current Batfamily.

Green Lantern Corps #41 – So far the tie-ins have been doing a much better job with the Blackest Night story than the main series has. And Tomasi delivered a great issue in GLC #40. So I fully expect this issue to be another solid issue.

Red Robin #5 – The only thing that is keeping me from dropping this series is that I am a big fan of Tim Drake’s character. Chris Yost just has not impressed me so far in this title. I am still hopeful that Yost can turn things around on this title.

The Marvels Project #3 – Brubaker is really taking a slow and methodical approach to this mini-series which I has made this a very enjoyable read so far. This is really the first time I am reading a comic that actually takes place in this time period of Marvel’s history and not just some flashback from an ongoing series. So I look forward to seeing what Brubaker and Epting do with this story, even if we know how it ends.

Video Games
Uncharted 2: Among Thieves – I just started playing the first Uncharted video game and suffice to say I’ve love the game so far. And from the trailers for Uncharted 2 and early reviews this looks like not only a great game but also visually one of the best looking games that have come out. Will probably have to wait for Christmas to get this game but it looks forward to the day I get my hands on it. Highly recommend this series for anyone that has not played the first game yet.