Previewing the Weeks Releases: 7/27/09 – 8/2/09

While I haven’t done a preview for the week in a while I have decided to start previewing the week ahead but with an added wrinkle of adding any DVD/Blu-rays, manga, movies, and video games I get, watch, or rent that are released that week along with the comics. I will also put a hyperlink to the preview of the things I get that week that I am able to find on the internet.

Teen Titans #73 – The last issue of Teen Titans was a surprisingly good read. Hopefully Bryan Q. Miller can continue that momentum into this issue and get this title back on track.

Ultimatum #5 – After going through the horror that has been Ultimatum the final issue of one of the worst events in comic book history is almost over. The only real reason I have bother to pick up this mini-series is because I actually am looking forward to Ultimate Comics launching next month and I just want to see how this event affects the Ultimate Universe.

Ultimatum: Spider-Man Requiem #2 – The first issue of the “final” days of Ultimate Spider-Man was an excellent beginning to this two part story. I really liked the mix of Immonen and Bagley’s artwork though I hope for this second issue that Immonen gets a chance to draw more of the aftermath of the Ultimatum wave and not just leave this issue to be another flashback story.

Dragonball: Evolution – Even though I have heard only negative reviews on this movie as a Dragonball fan I am still going to go out and rent it to see if the live-action adaption to one of my favorite mangas is as bad as people say it is

Green Lantern: First Flight – DC has done a great job with their straight to DVD animated movies so far and from the trailer I am looking forward to the adaption of Hal Jordan’s origin story.

The Spectacular Spider-Man: The Complete First Season – With the Spectacular Spider-Man now into its second season we are finally getting a full collection of the first season of this great show on DVD. If you still have not given The Spectacular Spider-Man a shot than do yourself a favor and pick-up this season DVD as it is one of the most faithful and best comic book cartoon adaption we have had.

Funny People – Though I probably won’t get a chance to go to the movie theater this week I am still undecided if I should watch this movie or wait until it comes out in DVD. Still the trailer looks good and a typical Judd Apatow movie.