Nova #27 Review

Nova, a favorite here at the Bunker, continues it’s storyline that runs alongside the War of the Kings event. So far, the story has been a good one. Let’s take a look at Nova #27.

Creative Team
Writers: Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning
Artist: Andrea Divito

Story Rating: 10 Night Girls out of 10
Art Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10
Overall Rating: 9 Night Girls out of 10

Synopsis: Richard (Nova Prime) Rider has gathered a few other Centurions to help him rescue his brother, Robbie, from Kree-Lar (the Kree homeworld). Robbie went there to capture Strontian of the Shi-Ar. She slaughtered many of the Nova Centurions after they had surrendered. Strontian was ready to kill Ravenous when Robbie captured her.

When Richard and friends land, they find a world being destroyed by war. The Shi-Ar have joined forces with an army from the Negative Zone. The new army is arriving through a gateway.

Richard’s crew looses contact with the World-Mind. Nova leads his crew on the trail of his brother. A ray knocks them out of the sky. It was fired by King Blastarr.

Inside the prison, Robbie is using all of his strength to keep Strontian pinned down. He knows if he lets Strontian go for a second, she will kill him. Ravenous requests the protection of the Nova Corps. Robbie can not free him because it is taking everything he has to keep Strontian under control. He plans on keeping her prisoner until help arrives. Strontian laughs.

Richard reminds King Blastaar that they were allies. Nova explains that they are here to rescue his brother. Blastaar agrees to let them go first. Blastaar says he will call off his troops for 15 minutes.  Then Blastaar will have his troops continue the attack. Richard thanks Blastaar and the fly off.

The Shi-Ar Praetorians are upset that King Blastaar let them go. He says that he promised to give help the Shi-Ar, not their enemies. King Blastaar says that he only promised to delay his army. The Shi-Ar are not part of his army.

Ravenous finds a gun and blasts Strontian. It does not hurt her. She says that Robbie is starting to loose it. His nose is bleeding.

Richard and Robbie connect over their communication system. Robbie screams. Richard and the others rip through the opposition. When they arrive, Richard finds Strontian over Robbie’s body. Her fists are bloody. She asks how many more Novas she must kill. Richard screams and goes to attack her.  End of issue.

The Good: Another great DnA story. They keep the action moving while still working in characterization. Each of the characters are distinct in personality. In some ways, Robbie is still showing signs of being the younger brother of Richard. I like the differences they work into each person. This is a text book example of how a comic book should be written.

DC should have held on to this writing team and let them do all of their crossovers.

This book displays the history of the Marvel Universe. Ravenous swears by using the curse “Badoon’s Breath”. I still have fond memories of Steve Gerber’s run on the Defenders when he gave us a four part Badoon storyline (I believe it was back in the 70s).

I also like the way the writers incorporate the past relationships of the characters. Richard recognizes and utilizes his past storyline with Blastaar to help his cause.

Divito knocks it out of the park with the special effects. Favorites of mine were the Novas travelling through space and the two page spread of the invaded Kree-Lar.

The Bad: Divito needs a good inker. In general, pencillers need inkers. At times, the art was not very detailed. The drawings became vague at times. Backgrounds sometimes disappeared.

Take a look at John Byrne’s self inked work versus his work with Terry Austin, Joe Rubenstein or Bob McLeod. It showed a world of difference. The inkers tightened up his work and added details that made the art look exceptional. Without an inker Byrne’s work became very muddy.

Overall: Another exceptional issue by the writing team. With the right inker, the whole issue would have been outstanding.