Previewing the Week’s Releases: 9/21/09 – 9/27/09

Amazing Spider-Man #606 – So far this title has been on a role and has not disappointed me any time I have picked up the series in the past six months. But really the big reason to pick up this comic and story arc is because of Black Cat’s return and the fantastic J. Scott Campbell covers we are getting.

Fantastic Four #571 – The first issue of Hickman and Eaglesham was fantastic. It feels like this series is finally returning to the glory it once had which is great for Fantastic Four fans like myself.

Guardians of the Galaxy #18 – This series continues to be one of Marvel’s best series and the last issue’s ending with Adam Magnus making an appearance was awesome. Can’t wait to see where DnA take this new development.

Nova #29 – Just like GotG this is one of Marvel’s best series and a title everyone should be reading. The last issue finally established the Nova Corps again and now we will see how Richard and the Nova Corps deal with the War of Kings aftermath.

Wolverine: Old Man Logan Giant Size #1 – Been waiting for the finally of the “Old Man Logan” story and finally it is here. This is the comic I am most looking forward to and I can’t wait to read what Miller and McNiven have in store for the end of this arc.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Season 2 – This was a very underrated show that was hurt by constantly changing time slots especially in its second and final season. It is too bad we aren’t going to get another season of The Sarah Connor Chronicles but at least we got the box set to look back on to see how good the series was in its short life and think what might have happened if it continued.

Surrogates – Originally I was not going to watch this movie but after reading the trade paperback that this movie is based on I have become interested in this new Bruce Willis film. Still unsure if I am going to watch it but definitely recommend picking up the TPB as it was a good read.