Pull List for 10/22/08 and Reactions on January Marvel and DC Solicits

Captain America #43 – As always I can’t wait to get this comic and now with that “Death of Captain America” arc is over I am interested to see were Brubaker takes Bucky and his role as the new Captain America. This issue might feel a bit odd since for 42 issues Red Skull and his crew have been the only villains to appear in Captain America. But it should be interesting to see what Bucky can do when facing someone other than Red Skull.

Daredevil #112 – The last issue did a nice job in setting up Lady Bullseye as the villain for this story arc. If anything else this issue should be an entertaining martial arts issue with characters that are going to involved in this story.

Final Crisis #4 – With over a month since the last issue, whether intentional or not, I may have to re-read the last three issue of this crossover to understand the complex story Morrison is weaving in Final Crisis. It is going to be great seeing Wally and Barry interacting again. I just hope that Darkseid finally appears in this issue since he has is suppose to be the big bad of this series but has yet to physically appear.

Final Crisis: Submit – I have to admit that I have enjoyed all the one-shots and mini-series related to Final Crisis more than the actual event itself. It seems that if a reader wants to even understand everything that is going on in Final Crisis these mini’s have been essential. And even though I am indifferent about Black Lightining with Morrison writing this one-shot it may make this issue that much more important to get.

Ultimate Spider-man #127 – The last issue of USM was disappointing but with this issue I hope that Bendis returns to fousing on Peter Parker and not Spider-Man. And with the return of Gwen Stacy it looks like that is what we are going to get.

Also I just wanted to comment on the new DC Comics and Marvel solicits for January. The most noticible thing about DC solicits is that JG Jones is not drawing the last issue of Final Crisis instead leaving the art Doug Mahnke and Christian Alamy. Right after the solicits Jones put out a statement apologizing for not being able to draw the last issue (read here). As of right now I don’t know enough to start playing the blame game but this just shows that when making an crossover event that the company should give the writer and artist enough time that by the time the first issue comes out four or five of the issue to the mini-series are already done. The other telling thing about the DC Comics solicits is “The Faces of Evil” event that is taking over almost all of DC’s comics. I don’t know about anyone else but outside Green Lantern, GLC, and Nightwing none of the comics coming out of in January interest me.

And on the Marvel side I get the same feeling with”Dark Reign” inititive that is taking over most of Marvel’s comics due to the aftermath of Secret Invasion. Though I got to say the that I am starting to get interested in Spider-Man: Noir and X-Men: Noir series for some reason. Also since I was able to drop two titles this week I am adding Nova and Guardians of the Galaxy to my pull list after the obligitory Secret Invasion tie-ins on both titles are over.