Young Justice Outsider SDCC

SDCC 2018: Day 2 Comic Book News Round-Up

Young Justice Outsider SDCC

As more comic book news is coming out of San Diego Comic-Con 2018 there is a lot to talk about. For the second day of SDCC 2018 we saw even more news for Spider-Man, Batman, Young Justice and more. To help out and talk about some of the notable things that were announced from the comic book world at SDCC here is what you should know right now going into day three.


Spider-Geddon SDCC
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The Spider-Man Family continues to rapidly expand in the Marvel Universe. We previously saw how both Spider-Verse and The Clone Conspiracy brought on a slew of spin-off titles for other Spider-Man characters beyond the classic Amazing, Friendly Neighborhood, Ultimate Spider-Man and Venom titles. Now with Spider-Geddon we are seeing that happen yet again as the new Spider-Man event is getting a number of tie-titles.

One of those is Spider-Force, a team made up of Kaine’s Scarlet Spider, Jessica Drew Spider-Woman, Spider-Kid, Old Man Logan’s Ashley Barton Spider-Woman and Astro Spider, written by Christopher Priest and artwork by Paulo Siquiera. The other big title was the highly rumored Superior Doctor Octopus by Christos Gage and Mike Hawthorne becoming official. With these two titles along with others likely to be announced it’ll be interesting to see what new Spider-Man characters stick like Spider-Gwen did in Spider-Verse. Or Spider-Geddon may just be an example that Marvel is exhausting it’s readers with an army of Spider-Men and Spider-Women running around at the same time. Only time will tell.

Source: Kier Phegley at CBR, Jim Johnson at CBR and Tim Adams at CBR


Spider-Gwen Ghost Spider SDCC
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Speaking of the Spider-Man family, Marvel finally changed Spider-Gwen’s official superhero name to be Ghost Spider. It was about time Marvel gave Gwen Stacy her own identity since the name Spider-Gwen was one created by fans since she was actually known as Spider-Women in her own version of the Marvel Universe. And with the name Spider-Woman being most associated with Jessica Drew in the modern era it is good for Spider-Gwen to get her own name in the form of Ghost Spider. The name itself is a cool name that Spider-Gwen can make her own as she continues to rival Peter Parker and Miles Morales popularity.

Source: Ian at CBR


Easily one of the most exciting things to come out of SDCC so far is the trailer for Young Justice: Outsiders. Starting out with a recap of what happened with Wally West was a strong reminder of what happened at the end of the Invasion season. It set the stage for what is to come in the Outsiders season as we see Nightwing and Artemis leading a new black ops team made up of new metahumans. From the looks of it Nightwing’s new Outsiders team is operating separately from Young Justice. It does paint the idea that these new metahumans are approaching things differently as Nightwing and Artemis must shape them into heroes.

It was also interesting to note that while Nightwing’s Outsiders were the focus we didn’t get to learn about what the Young Justice and Justice Leagues teams are doing. We only see brief instances of both teams, with the Young Justice team looking like they have a roster that is similar to Geoff Johns-era of Teen Titans. Of those characters Superboy is the one that gets the most spotlight. Though given his scenes, it does look like Superboy’s arc will be more of a solo character arc since he only is seen interacting with Nightwing while fighting alone.

Source: DC Comics YouTube


DC Comics Snyder Event SDCC
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There wasn’t much announced for what the next big event at DC Comics will be but we do know Scott Snyder will be the writer of it. This was teased during the Justice League panel so we know it will probably involve the characters Snyder is writing in that series. Given how much Snyder is playing with elements of the Source Wall and Legion of Doom those could be a big part of the event. Still, since it was only teased by Snyder we probably won’t know more about this new DC Universe event until around New York Comic Con time.

Source: Brian Cronin at CBR


Peter Tomasi Patrick Gleason Detective Comics SDCC
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With Detective Comics nearing its 1000th issue DC Comics has tapped Peter Tomasi and Patrick Gleason to take over the iconic series. Coming off a fantastic run on Superman, this is a big move as Tomasi and Gleason begin their run starting with Detective Comics #994. Tomasi already has experience writing Bat Family comics as he wrote Nightwing and Dick Grayson Batman stories in the pre-Flashpoint era. That experience with the quality fans have come to expect from Tomasi and Gleason after their runs on Superman and Green Lantern Corps instantly elevates Detective Comics to be a must have title. And with Detective Comics #1000 right around the corner this is a good time to establish a new creative team that will help Tom King set the direction the Batman Family comics.

Source: Jim Dandy at Den of Geeks


Marvel Knights SDCC
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The Marvel Knights line has been dormant for a while now as the company has shifted focus to the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy. But with Marvel Knights 20th anniversary coming up there was no way Marvel would not take the chance to celebrate the publishing line. It is also a good time to bring the Marvel Knights brand back as we see things like the Punisher Netflix series find a strong audience. Characters like Punisher, Black Widow and Blade can benefit with comics under the Marvel Knights banner. It is also a good opportunity for Donny Cates, current Venom writer, to elevate his status at Marvel and with fans as they are giving him control of the Marvel Knights line.

Source: Jesse Schedeen at IGN


Jessica Jones SDCC
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Creators are often protective of the characters they create, with it being hard to let anyone else write their creations. With Brian Bendis being the one who has defined who Jessica Jones is and has been largely the only writer to write the character in an ongoing basis it was great to hear that he asked Kelly Thompson to write the character before he left Marvel. It shows how strongly Bendis believes in Thompson’s ability as she continues to grow at the company. This a great passing of the torch moment that we don’t see often in the comic book industry. Also, having someone at the level of Bendis give his blessing to Thompson it helps build her credibility for those still not familiar with her work.

Source: Brandon Staley at CBR


Probably the thing I am most hyped about this year is the Spider-Man game that will be coming out in September for the PS4. After the excellent E3 gameplay trailer we know got a story trailer for the game at SDCC. From the trailer we learn that both MJ and Miles Morales will be key supporting cast members, with the former knowing Peter Parker is Spider-Man. We also finally get a look at Mayor Norman Osborn who seems to be trying to mentor Peter while also trying to make portray Spider-Man as an enemy of New York City. That along with the reveal that Silver Sable is part of the game shows that this new Spider-Man game will have a lot of world building in it. With so many characters being brought in their will be a lot of things that will help create possibilities for even more stories to be told, especially with Miles being in the game.

Source: Playstation YouTube

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