SDCC: DC Expanded Universe Age Of Heroes Returns

Not to be outdone by Marvel Studios, DC Entertainment made sure they made their mark on San Diego Comic-Con with their own big guns. DC Entertainment’s panel was heavily focused on Justice League for obvious reasons. In that we also got some news on Wonder Woman and Flash movies that are very intriguing. Just as intriguing as all the drama around Batman that has also been a big focal point for this weekend’s San Diego Comic-Con. Let’s get right into with a look at


Kicking things off strong was the trailer for the upcoming Justice League trailer and excellent movie poster. The poster itself was more than enough to bring the hype level to 10 as it is a very Alex Ross’ Kingdom Come inspired poster. It also goes to highlight how Justice League is not the start of something but it is the rebirth, as DC Comics likes to say, of their heroic age. It is something that Wonder Woman has said to Batman in all the Justice League trailers thus far, highlighting how both characters have been around a while compared to the others.

The trailer itself delivered on a lot things, in particular with showing off Aquaman and Flash. Both these characters looked to be a much bigger part in the trailer as we got to see them in action much more. They are doing just enough different things with this version of Flash, especially with how Ezra Miller is delivering his lines, to make him feel like a different Barry Allen from Grant Guston’s version on TV. Jason Mamoa on the other side looks to be the Hulk of Justice League as it will be Aquaman’s big break out of the box moment as he goes from complete joke to badass.

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The tease for both Superman and Green Lantern showing up in either Justice League or its sequel also gives a lot hope for the movie. Superman could be the character that Alfred is talking to at the end or it could someone else that WB and DC are keeping under wraps. If it is not Superman or Green Lantern then maybe we could actually see another iconic Leaguer like Martian Manhunter. Though I doubt that since Martian Manhunter has been pushed to the side for the last few years by WB and DC so it is probably Superman.

That all said the trailer does make me wonder how much screen time Cyborg will get. Out of all five Justice League members we see there is very little screen time given to Cyborg. He does get a few things in but what we saw doesn’t make Cyborg seem as though he will be a stand out like Aquaman and Flash will. Maybe I will be proven wrong but the few lines Cyborg gets is unimpressive.


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Wonder Woman getting a sequel announced is not all that surprising. It would’ve been surprising if they did not announce a sequel. Keeping the franchise as a period piece does help it stand out from what both DC and Marvel are doing with their superhero movies right now. It also should flesh out what Wonder Woman has been doing in the world since defeating Ares and how she has stayed active while hiding the fact she has live for a long time.

It’ll also be interesting to see how much the Godly side of her character is played up. We already know that this version of the character is a demi-god and daughter of Zeus. On top of that the recent Justice League trailer did establish that the Amazons do have some connection to the New Gods as they had a Mother Box locked up where Wonder Woman got all her gear and weapons from. That New Gods connection could be an interesting way to also explain the origins of the Greek Gods if they go that route.


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Going into San Diego Comic-Con word came out that WB and DC were making plans for Ben Affleck to exit the role of Batman and Bruce Wayne. That is something that Ben shot down during the Warner Bros/DC Extended Universe panel during Comic-Con. The fact that this continues to be a story following Batman v Superman isn’t a great thing to hover over the franchise.

Though with that rumor squashed for now it is time to move on to what the actual story of “The Batman” movie will be. Matt Reeves is already said to be writing a new script with a new screenwriter, throwing the one Ben Affleck and Geoff Johns wrote to the side. Reeves has done an excellent job with rebooting the Planet of the Apes franchise so we know he can work on a trilogy. How much his story changes is a mystery since before he came on Joe Manganiello was cast to play Deathstroke, who was the antagonist in Affleck and Johns script. Now the question will be if Joe Manganiello will be in “The Batman” or if Marvel will scoop him up?


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While it is still a ways out the Flash movie got an official title as it will be known as “Flash: Flashpoint.” The title instantly starts to bring into question if the Flash movie will actually be a reset point for the DC Extended Universe. With the rumors of Affleck not being around as Batman for an extended period like RDJ and Hugh Jackman were for Iron Man and Wolverine, this may be a great way to give him his exit. It could also help in reboot Superman in a way since Zack Snyder’s version has not been well received. It could also be a way to introduce younger versions of both Batman and Superman since they are much older in the DCEU than the comics.


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Closing things out was WB and DC announcing the nine movies that will be up next for their DCEU release line-up. The announced movies were:



Suicide Squad 2

The Batman

Justice League Dark


Green Lantern Corps

The Flash: Flashpoint

Wonder Woman 2

Of those listed Aquaman, The Batman, Flash: Flashpoint and Wonder Woman 2 are for sure happening, with Aquaman already filming. Shazam! seems to be also a guarantee as there is now news that they are going forward with production. Now how that film does is in doubt since The Rock won’t be in it even though he has been cast to play Black Adam. It’s not too surprising on The Rock’s side of things since he is always working on something. That said it is surprising that WB and DC did not try to lock him down with a priority contract like what usually happens with actors and major films.

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As for the rest Batgirl seems to be another guarantee with Joss Whedon being entrenched in the DCEU as he is now working on post-production for Justice League. Batgirl is also a character that even before her live-action movie was pushed hard as one of the key characters in the DC Universe. Her rise coincided with Harley Quinn who is now a major force across all of DC’s marketing.

What I do have doubts still is Justice League Dark will ever come out since it has been development limbo for a long time. With Nightwing movie that is currently having a script written and director Chris McKay recently talking about the character in an interview it wouldn’t be surprising if Nightwing to Justice League Dark’s spot. I’m still hoping that somehow 2019 turns into the year of Batman with The Batman, Batgirl and Nightwing movies coming out that year. Would be a great way to celebrate the character’s 80th anniversary.

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