Super Psychic Policeman Chojo Chapter 1 Review

Super Psychic Policeman Chojo Chapter 1 Review – “The Psychic Senior Police Officer”

Super Psychic Policeman Chojo is the newest addition to Shonen Jump’s manga offering. The series is being written and drawn by mangaka Shun Numa. This will be Shun Numa’s second ongoing manga series. Numa’s first series was titled Samon-kun wa Summoner and went on for 89 chapters. How will Shun Numa kick off their second series? Find out with our review of Super Psychic Policeman Chojo Chapter 1.


Writer & Artist: Shun Numa


Rookie police officer Nao Ippongi, an undefeated Judo-ranked 19-year-old, is partnered up with a psychic senior officer named Meguru Chojo. Because of how he uses his powers no one likes Chojo. Ippongi has a tough time building a rapport with him due his personality, and how he used his psychic powers to read her mind to learn all about her.

One day the Yakuza, who Ippongi defeated before becoming a police officer, try to demolish Ippongi’s grandfather’s dojo. Chojo uses his powers to defeat the gang.

Not wanting the credit Chojo makes everyone think Ippongi stopped the gang. Now known as the “Yakuza-Hunting Monster” everyone the police captain, who previously sexually harassed her, is scared of Ippongi. With that Chojo and Ippongi continue as partners. End of chapter


Shun Numa doubles downs on fun rather than going the complete shonen route. Given the current publishing line-up for Shonen Jump having Super Psychic Policeman Chojo be a comedy above all else is a smart move. Numa shows great confidence in the ability to blend comedy with a lot of talent of character building. It’s what ultimately makes this first chapter a success.

The comedy of Super Psychic Policeman Chojo Chapter 1 works because of the lead characters. Nao Ippongi being rookie police officer who is trying to prove herself while protecting her grandfather’s dojo is an easy character to cheer for. Especially when you see everything she has to put up with. The world is certainly somehow against her. It makes the positive attitude Ippongi tries to continue be a big positive.

Super Psychic Policeman Chojo Chapter 1 Color Cover
Shun Numa color cover for Super Psychic Policeman Chojo Chapter 1. Credit: Viz Media

Ippongi’s character plays off perfectly against her senior officer Meguru Chojo. Numa does a good job at showing how Chojo’s psychic powers have caused him to be disconnected with the world. It’s not something that is said. Rather it is how he uses his powers. Whether its how he uses his powers or simply talks with others Chojo’s personality is always being shown.

This all creates a fun dynamic between Ippongi and Chojo as an odd couple, buddy cop team. Throughout the chapter Ippongi does her best to try to build a relationship with Chojo. When a professional doesn’t work she goes the friend route. But while it ultimately doesn’t work as planned Chojo does show he appreciated the effort as he helps her save her grandfather’s dojo.

Nailing the chemistry between Ippongi and Chojo is helped by the Super Psychic Policeman Chojo Chapter 1 pacing. Taking a one-shot approach by having a complete story gives more reason to buy into this. The opening of this first chapter clearly hints at a greater world when it comes to psychics. That teaser is enough to want to know more now that Ippongi and Chojo’s chemistry has been established.

Building out the world will be key after this first chapter. Because right now outside of our two leads the world itself is not that interesting. All the characters other than Ippongi and Chojo are extremely basic. There are two basic characters we see in this world: jerks or perverts. There isn’t any other likable character here. This impacts the teaser of the opening because if we keep this same energy going for the rest of the series not even Ippongi and Chojo buddy cop dynamic can save this series. Hopefully the second chapter improves on all of this.


Super Psychic Policeman Chojo Chapter 1 introduces us to a fun buddy cop pair that help expand on the offerings by Shonen Jump. Meguru Chojo and Nao Ippongi carry this entire first chapter with their individual personalities and dynamic as partners. Hopefully the follow-up chapters focus on the world building to establish the long-term potential of this series.

Story Rating: 6 Night Girls out of 10

Art Rating: 6 Night Girls out of 10

Overall Rating: 6 Night Girls out of 10