Super Sons #7 Review

Super Sons #7 Review

Super Sons has been quietly one of the been one of the more entertaining comic books DC Comics is publishing. The pairing of Damian Wayne and Jonathan Kent has been gold for DC so far. Things got a little more interesting as the Teen Titans finally met Superboy, much to Robin’s chagrin, in the previous issue. With the Teen Titans going up against villains from the past that took away Robin’s youth this is a good time for Jon to show what he’s got and possibly join the ranks of the Teen Titans. Will that happen? Let’s find out with Super Sons #7.

Writer: Peter Tomasi

Artist: Jorge Jimenez

Colorist: Alejandro Sanchez

Story Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10

Art Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10

Overall Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10

Synopsis: The Teen Titans are left recovering after their battle with Atom-Master, Chun Yull and Time Commander.

After a few bathroom breaks an old man Robin tells the Teen Titans that they have to find Time Commander and the others. Starfire and the rest of the Teen Titans recruit Superboy to join them. Robin begrudgingly agrees and tells everyone to head out.

Super Sons #7 Review

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At an unknown location Kraklow talks about how the older heroes will soon know what he did to the Teen Titans. He does not care as he now has the power from an alternate universe where he was a magician showed him how he can become a legend. Kraklow uses his magic to bring the forgotten villains Atom-Master, Time Commander and Chun-Yull out.

The Teen Titans suddenly smash their way into Kraklow’s base. Time Commander quickly stops the Teen Titans with his powers, allowing Kraklow time to escape.

Superboy is able overpower Time Commander control enough for the other Teen Titans to also break free. Robin and Raven go after Time Commander, Beast Boy looks for Kraklow and Starfire, Tempest and Superboy deal with Atom-Master and Chun-Yull.

Raven is able to catch Time Commander and forces him to trip. Robin then confronts Time Commander and says it is time to “talk” about how he has aged.

Meanwhile Starfire and Superboy take out Chun-Yull while Tempest is able to overpower Atom-Master with his magic power. Atom-Master and Chun-Yull’s bodies suddenly decompose. Robin, now young again, and Raven return and mention the same thing happened to Time Commander just now.

Super Sons #7 Review

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Beast Boy shows up with Kraklow and throws him on the ground for the rest of the Teen Titans to deal with.

A little later the Teen Titans load Kraklow up in their jet and get ready to take him to the authorities.

The Teen Titans thank Superboy for his help and tell him that he is welcomed to the Titans Tower anytime he wants.

Robin and Superboy head inside so Robin can collect some samples. Robin says that after he analyzes the samples he and the Teen Titans will finish the investigation. Superboy says he is coming with them. Robin mentions that Superboy still needs more training.

As they go back and forth about Superboy’s training something starts coming out of the ground. End of issue.

The Good: Super Sons #7 continued the fun of the first part of this Teen Titans team-up that the previous issue highlighted. Peter Tomasi clear understanding of the DC Universe and it’s history was on full display.

When it comes to character interaction you won’t find a comic that has more fun than Super Sons #7 did this week. Tomasi does a fantastic job highlighting the fun these characters have in talking with each other. Even with this being the first time Superboy has had a chance to talk to the Teen Titans he was a natural fit with the team.

Super Sons #7 Review

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What made it better is the fact that Superboy was given the chance to actually prove himself to the Teen Titans. With Robin outright denying Superboy membership into the team this was a good way of having the Teen Titans overrule Robin’s decision. Seeing how Superboy was able to show he can help the other Teen Titans out in a fight added to their dynamic together.

Proving himself to the team made the fact that everyone on the Teen Titans offered Superboy a membership more special. Superboy almost coming to tears with being accepted by the team help elevate what we saw happen throughout Super Sons #7. It was a good way to emphasize how Superboy’s overall character arc continues to be one where he is trying to gain acceptance into the DC Universe, both in and out of his cape.

For his part, seeing Robin as a cranky old man did come off as just an extension of his normal self. Robin still pushing his authority over Superboy and the Teen Titans added a nice bit of comedy to Super Sons #7. And in being an old man Tomasi was able to force Robin to act a bit differently as he was forced to allow Superboy and the Teen Titans do the heavy lifting. It was a nice change of pace for him and gave everyone else the chance to be in the spotlight when it came to the action sequences.

Tomasi also did a good job with how he used Kraklow, Atom-Master, Time Commander and Chun-Yull. Tapping into the Multiverse for this story was a smart way to tell the origin story of a minor villain like Kraklow and give him instant credibility. It also added an intriguing sub-plot into what was really going on with Kraklow suddenly peering into another universe where he was a magic-based villain. What that is all about hopefully is answered in the next issue.

Super Sons #7 Review

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As with previous issues, Jorge Jimenez continues to deliver the fun of Tomasi’s stories with his artwork. With this being an action heavy issue, Jimenez had plenty of space to deliver sequences that highlighted Superboy and the Teen Titans powers. He also added to the fun of the comedy scenes we got as well, with his artwork telling the story of the old man Robin dealing with his weak bladder as Super Sons #7 starts.

The Bad: Though the action was fun it was unfortunate that Atom-Master, Time Commander and Chun-Yull got clowned out the way they did. It did make the three classic characters look weak after they just beat the Teen Titans a few hours ago, in comic book time. There should’ve been more of showing for the three villains to at least build interest in the characters returning with Kraklow in the future.

Overall: Super Sons #7 was another fun entry in one of DC Comics best titles. Peter Tomasi clear understanding of Robin, Superboy and the Teen Titans shined in this issue. Their interaction together was a big highlight for this issue. Bringing in the Multiverse into the fun was not a bad thing either.


  1. I don’t care that the villains are poorly handled here, I love Super Sons, the dynamic between Superboy and Robin is hilarious in a way that could so easily be annoying under a different writer.

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