The Legion of Super Heroes Animated Series: Episode #3

The Revolution has really enjoyed the first two episodes of this new Legion of Super Heroes Animated Series. It has certainly been better than what I was anticipating. I’m actually digging it more than the comic book at this point. It is now time for a live blogcast of the third episode.

The episode commences with a young girl in a flying suit of armor talking to a robot that looks suspiciously like a Cylon. The flying armor suddenly malfunctions and begins to fall to the ground. Superman suddenly appears and catches the armored girl before she goes splat onto the ground. A good looking red headed girl hops out of the armor and thanks Superman for saving her and then she walks off. Cue intro theme song. This is one catchy little tune. And we cut to commercial. I really hate that Frosted Flakes commercial with that annoying song.

And we are back. Superman arrives back at Legion HQ and tells the Legionnaires about the girl he saved. Superman then sees the girl’s picture on a holo-vid. She is Alexis, the richest girl in the galaxy. Like the Paris Hilton of the future.

Suddenly, the Cylon looking robot arrives at Legion HQ and gives Superman a holo-vid invitation to Alexis’ next party. However, Brainiac 5 reminds Superman that the two of them are on patrol tonight. Brainiac 5 had written a 132 page report concerning the Scavengers who are technology thieves that are targeting New Metropolis. Superman then offers to patrol with Brainy the next night and the night after that, just the two of them. Brainy is thrilled and then tries to play down his excitement.

We cut to Superman at Alexis’ party. Superman and Alexis ditch the party full of fake and snobby people. Alexis decides to have a little fun and steals a guy’s sky cycle. The guy looks similar to Lobo. Superman gives chase. They arrive at Metro Internet’s building. They go to Alexis’ office. Superman and Alexis play some video games and discuss the pressures that Alexis has on her to grow up and become an important person. Alexis tells Superman how she has no idea what she wants to do with her life. Alexis just wants to makes some friends and enjoy being a teenager.

We then shift to the Legionnaires battling the Scavengers. Lightning Lad, Phantom Girl, Saturn Girl and Brainiac 5 dish out some serious punishment on the Scavengers. Brainy says they should call Superman for help. Lightning Lad scoffs at such a notion stating that he doesn’t need Superman’s help. Dude! This cybernetic version of Brainy is insanely useful in battle! The Scavengers start overwhelming the Legionnaires. They call for Superman’s help. Superman turns off the communicator. Superman decides that he would rather hang out with Alexis than deal with Brainy. So, Superman turns off his communicator.

We shift back to a stunned Brainy. He tells Lightning Lad that Superman turned off his communicator. Suddenly, a Scavenger blasts Brainiac 5’s arm off. Brainy collapses to the ground. The Legionnaires grab Brainy and retreat. And we cut to some more commercials.

We cut back to the Legion HQ. Superman is hanging out waiting for the Legionnaires to return. The Legionnaires walk through the door and Superman asks Brainy what happened to his arm. Brainy regenerates his arm and tells Superman what happened. Alexis then invites Superman to go to the races with her. Brainy tells Superman he can’t go because they need his help stopping the Scavengers. Brainy then tells Superman that there is “No Alexis in team.” Nice! That is the quote of the episode!

We shift to Superman meeting Alexis for dinner. Superman tells her that he can’t go to the races with her because the Legion needs his help. Alexis asks Superman for just an hour of his time. That hour turns into several hours and Alexis wants to keep partying all night. Superman finally tells Alexis that he has to go.

We see Superman arrive back at Legion HQ and apologize to Brainy for being late. Brainy cuts off Superman and tells him that Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl are handling the patrol that Brainy and Superman were supposed to handle tonight.

Suddenly, there is an urgent call for help from Alexis’ Cylon robot. He tells Superman that Alexis is being attacked. Superman arrives on the scene and some large robot threatening Alexis. Superman starts battling with the robot. During the battle, the robot’s disguise fails and it turns out to be Alexis’ Cylon robot. Alexis then tells Superman that since he is already here, why don’t they go get sushi. Alexis says that she just wants to have a friend. Superman understands her wants but says that his teammates need his help now. Alexis responds that what she wants is more important. Superman takes off to re-join the Legion. Alexis then tells her Cylon robot that she isn’t going to let the Legion compete with her for Superman’s time. Alexis says that she is going to do something about the opposition.

We cut to the Scavengers at their hideout. Alexis arrives and offers them her help since she needs their help. Cut to commercials.

And we are back at the Legion HQ. Brainy receives a distress signal in deep space in a high radiation area. The only Legionnaire that can handle that much radiation is Superman so he flies off to investigate.

Suddenly, the Scavengers bust into the Legion HQ. The Scavengers are loaded with upgraded technology courtesy of Alexis. Alexis herself is in a suit of battle armor. The Legionnaires and the Scavengers start brawling.

We cut to Superman arriving at the location of the distress signal. It is just a small satellite made by Alexis’ company. Superman recognizes the logo which is a double “L” logo. Hmmm, who else would have a double “L” logo? Superman then flies back to Legion HQ.

We shift back to the Legionnaires brawling with the Scavengers and Alexis. Alexis takes down Saturn Girl and Brainiac 5. Alexis comments on how much fun this is. That she never though she would be so good at something. Alexis then takes down Lightning Lad and Phantom Girl. Superman then enters the scene and locks horns with Alexis. Alexis is sad that Superman is taking the side of the Legion over her. Alexis says that if Superman won’t be her friends then he can’t be anyone’s friend. Alexis then blasts Superman and he blocks it back into her suit of armor causing her armor to explode. Superman pulls her from the explosion and Alexis has lost all her hair. Hmmm, that reminds me of another character from Superman’s history.

We cut to Alexis in jail. Her hair is growing back. Alexis is grateful to the Legion. They helped her figure out what she wants to do with her life: Destroy the Legion.

This was another great episode! I am really digging this show. They have really done a great job with developing the personalities of the various Legionnaires. The chemistry between the Legionnaires is well done. We get plenty of excellent dialogue. Some of the banter is pretty funny. I especially likes the dialogue in the scene about Brainy’s long reports that no one reads.

The pacing of this episode was just right. This show is able to deliver plenty of action in conjunction with some nice dialogue heavy scenes that advance character development. Of course, a super hero cartoon is only as good as the villain and this episode had a good one. Alexis was a cool female version of Lex Luthor. Her character was a neat twist on Lex’s character and I like how they developed her character from a spoiled rich girl into an evil villainess. Alexis will certainly give the Legion a great nemesis for future episodes.

I’m really like the animation and this is definitely a good looking cartoon. What I’m really surprised is how much I really enjoy each Legionnaire. The only one that I was skeptical about was this version of Brainiac 5. His Chibi Brainy look was not my favorite design and I was unsure if I’d dig an android version of Brainiac 5. Well, my fears were unfounded. This version of Brainiac 5 is outstanding! I like his android body. It makes him much more formidable in battle. Plus, his personality is wonderful. He is the perfect straight man for other characters to play off of in order to create some funny scenes.

My only complaint, other than my long standing issue of concerning the lack of the other founder of the Legion, was the lack of any Bouncing Boy in this episode. C’mon, everyone knows that Bouncing Boy = ratings! Chuck is money in the bank, baby!

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  1. Thanks to TiVo, I was able to pause the episode. The holo-newspaper was called the “Tattler” and it also had “Alexis” under her picture, both in Interlac. And they never said it specifically, but the writing on her prison uniform read “Luthor” in Interlac. Dun dun dunnnnnnn!

    Also, in the baseball scene, the ball bounces off the JLA Watchtower (from the cartoon).

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