Tenzil Rambles

I’ve been taking a bit of a siesta, creatively speaking, although Rokk has been doing a great job, and in the last two weeks at least, reviewed everything I would have. Other than some minor quibbles, I’m in agreement with him on things like 52 or JLA. And as should be obvious by now for our long time readers, I’m much more of a DC reader than a Marvel.

But since I’ll be getting back into a regular cycle here, I though I should let you know the things I’m looking forward to on an average month.


Permanent Pull list: 52, Justice League of America, Justice Society of America, Legion of Superheroes, Manhunter, Checkmate, Justice

Probation: Birds of Prey, Secret Six, JSA Classified

Titles I wish I could afford to pick up: Titans, Outsiders, Green Arrow, Freedom Fighters.

Titles I’ve tried and dropped: OMAC (1 of 6), Green Lantern Corps, Martian Manhunter

Marvel :

Pull List: Squadron Supreme, Civil War

So, I’m a bit of a DC fan, and more invested in their characters, but there are a number of excellent writers doing Marvel work I wish I could afford to pick up, but I already have a healthy pull list, considering all of the other special issues that come out in a year.

If you’d like me to explain any of the reasons why for the above, post a comment 🙂