The Backlog Journey Podcast Ep. 10 – DC Comics’ 52 Year-Long Series

On this week’s episode of The Backlog Journey Podcast Jordan joins Kevin to talk all about 52, the year-long weekly series. Before New 52 launched DC Comics published a weekly series for a whole year between 2006 to 2007 called 52. This series covered what took place during the year when Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman were absent after the events of Infinite Crisis. It follows all the heroes left standing and how they dealt with threats to the DC Universe without the leadership of the Trinity. This includes the introduction of Batwoman among other major events that took place in the 52 comic book series.

Time Stamp:

00:00:00 – Introduction

00:40:00 – Our Backlog Catch-Up

00:15:20 – History Of 52 Weekly Series

00:16:58 – Our History With 52 & DC Comics

00:24:21 – Overview Of Stories In 52

00:29:20 – Breakdown Discussion On 52

01:48:00 – Show Close

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