The Backlog Journey Podcast Ep. 2 – X-Men: The Proteus Saga

For the second episode of The Backlog Journey Podcast I’ve brought on Jordon from the Extremely Uncanny website to talk about a classic X-Men storyline. Specifically, we are taking a look back at the classic X-Men storyline by Chris Claremont and John Byrne ‘The Proteus Saga.’

With 2021 marking the 50th anniversary of Claremont as a comic book creator we wanted to look back at what made his history in the comic book industry, particularly his X-Men run, so special. ‘The Proteus Saga,’ which takes place during Uncanny X-Men #125 through Uncanny X-Men #128, we examine a key storyline that continued the growth of the team we saw formed in the classic Giant-Sized X-Men #1. We also look at how ‘The Proteus Saga’ led to the Dark Phoenix Saga and is an important chapter in the development of Moira MacTaggert, know better known as Moira X.

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You can also check out my guest, Jordan, work over on Extremely Uncanny. where he covers all sorts of topics about the comic book industry.

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