The Boy Wonder #2 Review

The Boy Wonder #2 Review

Juni Ba new Robin mini-series, The Boy Wonder, presented us with something different than we normally get from DC Comics. There was a dark fairytale approach to the presentation that made the first issue standout. This approach gave us a new perspective on Damian Wayne’s early days as Robin through his thoughts on his brothers. The first issue focused on Damian’s perspective of Dick Grayson’s spot in the Batman Family. Now it looks like the second issue will focus on Jason Todd. Let’s see how the story goes in The Boy Wonder #2.


Writer and Artist: Juni Ba

Colorist: Chris O’Halloran

Letterer: Aditya Bidikar


“JASON TODD TAKES CENTER STAGE IN JUNI BA’S DC BLACK LABEL MASTERWORK! Jason Todd is the exile prince of Batman’s kingdom, stalking Gotham’s darkest alleys and eternally turning his face from the light of day — all because he cannot quench the burning flame of anger and retribution that consumes his heart. Can Damian learn from Jason’s mistakes? Or is the reflective mask of the Red Hood doomed to be a mirror held up to his own future?” – DC Comics


Comic books like The Boy Wonder #2 are exactly what we should be getting from a comic book that is from a separate imprint within DC Comics. The fairytale-like direction Juni Ba has taken for this story has given a sense of freedom to the Batman world that looks and feels familiar. In turn we get a fresh perspective through Damian Wayne’s relationships with his brother, in this instance Jason Todd.

At its core what makes The Boy Wonder #2 the magical experience it turns out to be is how Ba goes about exploring Damian Wayne and Jason Todd. Whether it’s their brotherly relationship with one another or each of them as individuals, Ba gives plenty of room for both characters to be explored in-depth. So while the fairytale-like direction is a narrative choice it is the dynamic between Damian and Jason that’s the true core of this issue.

The way Ba goes about exploring Damian and Jason’s dynamic works in compliment to the previous issue. With Dick Grayson we see Damian fit into the big brother-little brother dynamic that they share. Even without knowing it Damian is influenced by Dick Grayson in a way that only a little brother would look up to his big brother, whether he knows it or not.

The Boy Wonder #2 Damian Wayne Jason Todd
Damian Wayne shares with Jason Todd how Bruce Wayne speaks about Jason in The Boy Wonder #2. Credit: DC Comics

Things are much different with Damian and Jason. It could be said that both are similar because they are the more aggressive type characters. Their conversations speak to how similar they are in this respect compared to their other Batman Family brothers and sisters. It is through this Damian and Jason open up to each other in a way they wouldn’t with other family members.

Especially with Damian as the new Robin it brings out emotions from Jason about being thought of as a failure. This is where we get to the real meat of The Boy Wonder #2. Seeing Jason, after the rough team-up they had, open up about his inferiority complex clearly impacted Damian. Damian honestly telling Jason about how Bruce talks about him when he is not around meant much more.

This in turn gives organic growth for both Damian and Jason through the bond they make in this Robin team-up they have. They share much more in common than just being Robin or being Bruce’s son. There is a genuine family connection they share that makes The Boy Wonder #2 feel like an important comic book because of how that is displayed.

The artwork by Ba will continue to be something you either love or don’t. For the narrative direction Ba takes his art style is very fitting. There is so much character to every panel. Whether its how Damian and Jason are designed to all the environmental storytelling, the art style really works to make The Boy Wonder be a standout series.


The Boy Wonder #2 is a must-read comic book. It’s as simple as that. This comic book is brimming with style and personality. But most importantly it has a lot of heart. The way Juni Ba explores Damian Wayne and Jason Todd’s dynamic makes this one of the most memorable comic books DC Comics has published this year.

Story Rating: 9 Night Girls out of 10

Art Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10

Overall Rating: 8.5 Night Girls out of 10

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