The New Champion Of Shazam! #4

The New Champion of Shazam! #4 Review – “The Last Battle of Mary!”

The New Champion Of SHAZAM has been a fun surprise as we’ve seen Mary Bromfield step up after Billy Batson’s disappearance. Mary finding herself back in the superhero game after being ready to move on to the next phase of her life as she set off to go to college has been a good story. We’ve seen how a big mystery around her parents and others kidnapped has led her to become SHAZAM. There is still a mystery of who is doing all of this and if Mary can stop them. Let’s find that out with The New Champion Of SHAZAM #4.


Writer: Josie Campbell

Artist: Evan “Doc” Shaner

Letterer: Becca Carey


While the rest of her family goes to evacuate the city Mary Bromfield transforms into Shazam to go save Darla at Fawcett Community College from Dr. G.

Dr. G sends her Grotesquieries army after Shazam but Mary is able to take them all out by using the lightning power of Shazam.

Shazam vs Grotesquieries
Mary Bromfield faces off against the Grotesquieries in The New Champion Of SHAZAM! #4. Credit: DC Comics

Mary then goes underground and finds her parents, Darla, Uncle Marv, and other adults being experimented on by Dr. G. The evil doctor reveals their real name to be Dr. Georgia Sivana, the estranged daughter of Thaddeus Sivana.

Dr. Georgia Sivana reveals her plans with the Grotesquieries and taking over the world. Not ready to give up Mary uses the power of Shazam to fry all of Dr. Sivana’s technology and knock out the villain.

Mary as Shazam then saves everyone just as the news station arrives to cover what is going on.

The next morning Mary wakes up and hears Billy calling out to her from the Rock of Eternity to stay away. Knowing something is wrong Mary transforms into Shazam and takes off to save Billy and the world from what is coming. End of issue.


The New Champion Of SHAZAM #4 is a comic book that has everything to make it an early contender for single issue of the year. Mary Bromfield shows that she is a hero who can stand up to any challenge. It is unfortunately held back by a few odd story decisions. Those decisions don’t ruin the overall enjoyment of this issue but keep it from that next level.

When The New Champion Of SHAZAM #4 is at its best is when Mary Bromfield lets her heroic instincts guide her. There are times early in this issue when we see Mary seemingly doubt herself which felt like an inner monologue from the first issue. Once Josie Campbell gets away from writing Mary in this way we see the character shine.

This further showed how important Evan “Doc” Shaner’s artwork was to the arc Campbell’s writing is taking Mary on. When faced off against the Grotesquieries and Dr. Georgia Sivana we see a moment click in Mary where she goes in full hero mode. Even as the army of Grotesquieries swarms her she is quick to figure out a way to stop them. There is an emphasis on Mary as a strategist that she gets all the waves of Grotesquieries sent after her in a spot where she can take them out in one blow.

Mary As Shazam Saves the Day
Mary Bromfield as Shazam saves the day in The New Champion Of SHAZAM! #4. Credit: DC Comics

Mary going through all of this made her moment after Dr. Georgia Sivana went through her giant plans made the big SHAZAM moment stand out. Not only does Mary take Dr. Sivana out quickly but also keeps in mind everyone’s safety. It further emphasizes how big of a difference there is between our hero and villain as they represent opposing sides. This makes Mary fully embracing her part in the SHAZAM legacy a great moment to further elevate her as she will be involved in Lazarus Planet and other events.

Dr. Georgia Sivana also served as a great villain. Campbell did not try to make Dr. Georgia Sivana a villain with a redeemable quality. Dr. Georgia Sivana falls right down the path of her evil father as she relishes how she is working to take over the world. There didn’t need to be any other motivation than that. Sometimes keeping things simple make for a great villain and Campbell did that well with Dr. Georgia Sivana.

Obviously, the standout for The New Champion Of SHAZAM #4 is Shaner’s artwork. Shaner is one of the best artists working for DC Comics. Shaner just nails how Mary goes full hero mode when needed as we can see she works out different plans to take on Dr. Sivana and Grotesquieries. Every time Mary called down the power of SHAZAM was powerful and that is thanks to Shaner’s artwork.


Josie Campbell and Evan “Doc” Shaner created a fun conclusion with The New Champion Of SHAZAM #4. Mary Bromfield is put over strong and given a villain that is easy to hate, leading Mary’s arc to be even more satisfying to see her succeed. This makes you look forward to what is next for Mary’s character in the DC Universe.

Story Rating: 7 Night Girls out of 10

Art Rating: 9 Night Girls out of 10

Overall Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10