Thor #18 Master Of Whispers

Thor #18 Review

Thor #18 Master Of Whispers

Thor went through a major family reunion as he, Odin, Freyja, and Angela caught up with each other. This was triggered by Thor losing control of Mjolnir over the course of this series. That all led to Thor leaving Mjolnir in Avengers Mountain. It’s a decision that Thor may regret as Thor #17 ended with the Avengers informing him that Mjolnir has been stolen by a mysterious force or person. Who has taken claim of Mjolnir? Let’s find out with Thor #18.

Writer: Donny Cates

Artists: Pasqual Ferry and Bob Quinn

Colorist: Matt Wilson

Story Rating: 9 Night Girls out of 10

Art Rating: 7 Night Girls out of 10

Overall Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10

Synopsis: In his dinning hall Thor admits to Loki that things have not gone well since he became All-Father and taken the throne of Asgard. Thor then asks Loki to help him find Mjolnir. Loki is not too keen on helping his brother since last time he helped Thor he was almost broken by Donald Blake (Thor #9).

Thor admits Loki is the only one he can trust in this situation. Loki says that while he would’ve once rejoiced at hearing Thor says this he knows very well his brother is lying, especially with all the allies he has in the Avengers and other heroes. Loki tells Thor to admit what he is looking for is a spy. Thor is silent when Loki says this.

Loki reminds Thor that he has his own kingdom of Jotunheim to prioritize. Loki goes on to recommend Thor find someone that can work by being unnoticed and has a vast network to communicate with. Loki suddenly realizes the perfect candidate for this job and asks Thor to pour him a drink while he explains his plan.

Thor #18 Master Of Whispers
King Loki sees through All-Father Thor’s words as seen in Thor #18. Click for full page view.

On Earth, in Foreverglade, Throg conducts a ceremony to gather all of his followers. In the middle of the ceremony Thor teleports into Foreverglade.

In Throg’s home Thor starts the same speech he gave Loki. Throg interrupts right away and says he knows about Mjolnir being stolen and that Thor wants his help getting it back. Throg says that Thor came to the right place and says that he’ll need a team.

Throgg is shown going to recruit the Odin’s Hugin and Munin, the Inhuman’s Lockjaw, Kate Pryde’s Lockheed, and Doctor Strange’s Bats all to serve specific roles to help in finding Mjolnir.

In the present, Throgg reveals he already assembled his group of spies. As Hugin, Munin, Lockjaw, Lockheed, and Bats enter Throg’s house Throg reveals to Thor that he already assemble the (Pet) Avengers. End of issue.

The Good: With such a major event concluding the previous issue of this series Thor #18 needed to hit the ground running with addressing Mjolnir being stolen. That is exactly what Donny Cates does with Thor #18 showing Thor going to the allies he knows are best suited to find his missing hammer.

Immediately kicking off with Thor meeting Loki sets the tone around the mystery for finding out who stole Mjolnir. Seeing Thor go through his whole Unworthy speech to Loki gets right into what the mindset is for our main character. Thor is feeling the weight of being All-Father is something that is too much for him. Which we saw be the case when he was talking about it to his mother, Freyja, about his experience as All-Father and the future vision Black Winter gave him.

At the same time, Loki is the only character that can call Thor out on his dishonesty even in a speech that is has sense of honesty. Loki not only grew up with Thor but has more experience than anyone in how to use ones words to manipulate others. He knows Thor was trying his best to tap into their bond as brothers to get him to work for him. Loki calling Thor out on all this showed that Thor is not someone who is the master of manipulation like he was thinking he was going into this dinner.

Loki also reminding Thor that even if he wanted to he can’t act as Thor’s spy since he is currently King of Jotunheim. Like Thor being protective of Asgard, Loki must think of how any of his actions impact the kingdom he has created for his era ruling Jotunheim. It actually shows that King Loki is not just a title but something both Thor and the reader must take seriously as the current status quo for the character.

While Loki can’t help his brother out at the moment it was good to see that he was able to help Thor finding someone who can. This action at least shows that the animosity that once existed between Thor and Loki isn’t there. Now that anytime Thor and Loki meet with each other it is as Kings of Asgard and Jotunheim, respectively.

The one to help Thor find Mjolnir turning out to be Throg was a great move to further tap into the mythology of Thor in the Marvel Universe. Even Throg’s kingdom of Foreverglade is something Cates is using. This opens things up to explore even more of what defines what it means to be Thor as Throg is the animal version of the character. And as we see with our time in Foreverglade there is another world within Earth that Cates and others can explore.

Thor #18 Master Of Whispers
Thor goes to Throg for help in finding Mjolnir in Thor #18. Click for full page view.

Throg accepting Thor’s request to act as a spy to get Mjolnir back is also an excellent way to give the character and the rest of the Pet Avengers a sense of importance. Because up until now Throg and the Pet Avengers have been used to create more light hearted comics for Marvel. But now with Mjolnir missing they are given a vital mission that could have major ramifications for the Marvel Universe.

What made Throg assembling the Pet Avengers even better was how Cates was able to explain the expertise that As Hugin, Munin, Lockjaw, Lockheed, and Bats all bring to the table. They were all quick explanations that got you to understand who these characters are even if its your first time meeting them. It also showed Throg’s own strength as a leader that he was already expecting Thor to visit him and assemble the Pet Avengers ahead of time.

The artwork by Pasqual Ferry and Bob Quinn was solid throughout Thor #18. They both understood their assignments with the pages they each drew to bring out the maximum amount of drama in the story of this issue. What I particularly enjoyed was the light hearted comedic moments in Thro #18. Specifically seeing Thor inside Throg’s tree home was a great bit of visual comedy.

The Bad: Nothing.

Overall: Donny Cates immediately address the importance of Mjolnir being stolen with Thor #18. The meetings Thor has with Loki and Throg work to set the stage for how the search for Mjolnir will go. As I’ve said before, Donny Cates’ Thor is a must have comic book if it is not already on your pull list. This issue is just further proof of that fact.

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