Top Comic Book Moments April 2022

Top 10 Comic Book Moments In April 2022

April has come to an end. This was certainly not a quiet month in the world of comics for 2022. There were so many big things going on from the ending of Marvel’s Devil’s Reign event to start the month and the Death Of The Justice League closing out April. In the middle we had a lot of major events going on that included big moments from various comic books. What were the stand out comic book moments for the month of April? Scroll down to find out my Top 10 Comic Book Moments of April 2022.


Batman #122 Moment

Everyone has their favorite Batman relationship. For a while now the relationship that has been most prominently featured for Bruce Wayne has been Selina Kyle. But now it looks as though with Bruce and Selina currently on a break that Talia Al Ghul is coming back into the picture. The Shadow War event appears to be kickstarting Bruce and Talia at least bonding once again after over a decade of these two being antagonistic with each other. Having happily reunited parents is certainly something Damian Wayne has experienced in his life and maybe he’ll get that chance now. Maybe.


Batman/Superman: World's Finest #2 Moment

A major missed opportunity that DC Comics has had is having Supergirl interact with other heroes. In particular her peers, though that is difficult since Kara has always been left stuck being between 16-18 years old while Dick Grayson, Barbara Gordon, Donna Troy, and others have been allowed to age somewhat. Which makes this interaction between Kara and Dick Grayson as Supergirl and Robin such a cool moment. Add in the cringe of their previous team-up leaving both of them with not the best opinion of one another created a lot of magic in this scene between the pairing. The chemistry between Kara and Dick has me hoping this series turns into Robin/Supergirl: World’s Finest instead.


Black Widow #15 Moment

Natasha Romanoff has gone through a lot of personal change in the most recent Black Widow series. The biggest thing she has come to learn is the value of family. That comes full circle here as we see that she realizes that Yelena Belova, Bucky Barnes, Clint Barton, Anya Corazon, and Lucy Nguyen have become a family to her. This is something I hope is an element for Natasha’s character that is continued for her next Black Widow ongoing series.


Devil's Reign #2 Moment

With Wilson Fisk regime as Mayor of New York City now over it is time for Matt Murdock to find what is next for him as Daredevil. That questions even bigger given that the world believes Matt Murdock is now dead. And thanks to Wilson Fisk killing Matt’s “twin brother,” who was acting as Matt Murdock while the real Matt as Daredevil was locked up in prison. So as of now Matt Murdock no longer exists and we are left with just Daredevil. Which gives Matt even more of a reason to finally accept Elektra Natchios offer to put an end to The Hand once and for all together.


Godzilla vs Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #2 Moment

How do you follow-up the Dragonzord vs Godzilla fight that kicked off the Godzilla vs Mighty Morphin Power Rangers crossover? Having the second issue of the crossover start with the Dino Megazord taking on Godzilla in revenge for the Dragonzord being taken out. What else did you expect to see other than this awesomeness? This is pure fan join if you like either franchise. Everything going on screen feels like something fans of both Godzilla and Power Rangers could only dream of until now. But now it is a reality that we can all enjoy in comic book form.


Justice League #75 Moment

Just about any page in the second half of Justice League #75 could’ve been chosen for a Top Moment to talk about. But this double page spread of Pariah taking out Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman in one attack is the one that stands out the most. Taking out DC Comics Trinity is something to put at the top of any villain resume. Add in how Pariah took out just about every member of the Justice League and Justice League Incarnate the DC Universe have been placed in a tough spot as their heaviest hitters are out of the equation before Dark Crisis starts.


TMNT: The Last Ronin #5 Moment

Michelangelo had a long, torturous journey in The Last Ronin. Being the last surviving member of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was never easy, made harder by the harsh way Michelangelo’s family was taken out. In the end Michelangelo was able to get revenge for his family by defeating and Oroku Hiroto, the grandson of Shredder and son of Karai, in their final fight. In the process Michelangelo was able to come to peace with who he became and was able to find family once again before passing away thanks to reconnecting with April O’Neil and becoming Casey Mary Jones’ sensei. Reuniting with his family in the afterlife was a fitting end to Michelangelo’s journey in The Last Ronin.

THOR #24

Thor #24 Moment

Thor and Loki have had a difficult relationship as brothers. Both have been on different sides of so many conflicts. But as of late we have seen their relationship be on much better terms. Especially now that Thor has become All-Father of Asgard we’ve seen Thor go to Loki for advice and help at various points. This public plea from Thor for Loki to handle lighting the Viking Funeral fire of their father’s casket was something that felt like what recent developments have been building towards. This also speaks to how far Loki has come as someone who isn’t turning away from being part of Odin’s family like he was in the past.


Trial Of The Amazons #2 Moment

While Yara Flor did star in the latest Wonder Girl ongoing she never officially took on the Wonder Girl title at the conclusion of the series. Now Yara Flor officially becomes Wonder Girl in a Robin-like ceremony held by Diana. Though it is funny to think that Yara is taking on being Wonder Girl even though she has been established to be in her early twenties, something Yara calls out. That said, this is an important moment for Yara as she fully becomes part of the Wonder Woman Family rather than continuing to be an outsider in the franchise. This hopefully means that we will see Diana and Yara team-up in upcoming issues of Wonder Woman as it would help towards the build of Dark Crisis that we see these two interact before Diana’s death.


X-Men: Red #1 Moment

The Brotherhood of Mutants hasn’t been a thing for a while. Now that is going to be changing with Storm bringing back the Brotherhood of Mutants as part of her reign as Regent of Sol. Having Magneto be part of the group should lead to some interesting leadership moments for Storm. Especially as this new version of the Brotherhood of Mutants will likely come into conflict with Agent Abigail Brand and Orchis in the future.