Top 25 Anime Characters: #5 – Edward Elric

For the final five in my top list of my Top 25 Anime Character list I’ve decided to make an individual post for the final five. So to start things off here is #5:

#5. Edward ElricCreated by: Hiromu Arakawa
First Appearance: Fullmetal Alchemist Episode 1 – To Challenge the Sun
Voiced by: Japanese – Romi Park; English – Vic Mognogna

When it comes to the topic of religion it is a very delicate subject to talk about, whether in a positive or negative light, without offending somebody. That is where Fullmetal Alchemist comes in as it not only questions religion but will sometimes bash it which in all accounts should make the show not very enjoyable but it was one heck of a show. In truth Fullmetal Alchemist will go down as one of the best animes we have had and that is with it deviating from the source material halfway into the anime as the anime got so far ahead of the manga that it the writers of the anime had to create its own ending. And to show the how popular Full Metal Alchemist is there is even a new series were the anime completely retcon everything from the beginning in order to tell the story from the manga called Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, which hopefully makes it to the states sooner than later.

And the center piece of the series is Edward Elric who is the one’s eyes we see everything through. At the start of the series Ed is already matured because of the events that happened when he and his brother, Al, tried to bring back their beloved mother to life. But even with that maturity he gained he still has a little man complex as he burst in anger whenever some comments about his short stature, which is where much of the comedy of the series comes from.

Fullmetal Alchemist is really about Ed’s coming of age as we see him grow from a young boy to a mature young man. And it is the growth that we see the character go through as he and his brother have to see many horrific things and Ed struggles’ the most as he tortures himself over what he did to his brother. Getting to see such a dark story happening around makes you realize that there is a lot of questioning of which is right: science or religion? That really isn’t a big part and anytime it does appear it only is in the proper context of the story that is going around Ed who goes through a lot when the anime is done.

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