Top Comic Book Moments For February 2017

February once again delivered a lot of quality moments as 2017 continues to progress. Everything from various Batman comics to the ending of Spider-Man’s latest event, The Clone Conspiracy, there was no shortage of cool comic book moments for February. Now let’s take a look at all the best moments that DC Comics, Marvel, Image and other publishers delivered in February.

All-New Wolverine #17

There have been a lot of those who question why Laura Kinney took on the Wolverine identity. This scene, after she stabs Jean Grey’s astral form and her clone Gabby, summarizes why it was an important step for Laura to take as a superhero. It’s also a reminder that while Laura was able to make X-23 a name that did not represent the killer she was raised to be there is still some of that part of her that lingers with that persona. Moving on to become Wolverine helped her make that full step into being a superhero, leaving behind whatever dark past she had.

All-Star Batman #7

All-Star Batman #7 was a great showing for Tula Lotay to show-off how Poison Ivy’s powers work. This scene of tying Batman up with vines and putting him into a corner that he had to reveal the truth was excellent. The coloring in this scene was just on point with the pink and purple helping the intensity of Poison Ivy’s dialogue to Batman.

Amazing Spider-Man #24

The Clone Conspiracy showed us the lengths that Ben Reilly was willing to go to achieve his own version of a utopia. If the mini-series didn’t make it clear how insane Ben has become than this just clears things up how far gone he is now. It is an interesting place to leave Ben, considering he is supposed to be headlining a new Scarlet Spider, reclaiming his former identity. His broken body helps to drive home how bad of a mental state Ben is in now.

Batman #16

The “I Am Bane” arc looks to be even darker than the “I Am Suicide” arc was with Bane now going after everyone that is related to Batman. But as dark as things are getting Tom King did find a way to add some fun into the story with the introduction of the DC superhero restaurant from Kingdom Come. This was a fun call back that help create a unique setting for Bruce to meet with all of his sons. Especially love the menu with the Jokerized fries, that just pissed Bruce off in the following page.

Batman #17

Seeing Superman walk into his Fortress of Solitude and instantly know why Batman was there shows how well they know each. It’s especially impactful given that Superman is still trying to gain Batman’s trust since Batman still does not trust him like his New 52 version.

Batwoman: Rebirth #1

In a single page Steve Epting was able to help summarize how Kate Kane was able to obtain all the skills needed to become Batwoman and someone that matches Batman’s skills. Not using panels helped make this flashback page even stronger with how Epting used Kate to frame the entire page.

Black Widow #11

Chris Samnee once again does a stunning job telling Black Widow’s story through his artwork. This particular page showcasing Black Widow’s history before becoming an Avenger was an excellent way to enhance the one brief bit of dialogue that she delivers as she defeats the Dark Room assassins.

The Clone Conspiracy #5

The Clone Conspiracy had its fair share of big moments and the final issue did not have any shortage of those. Standing out amongst all the moments was this one with Gwen Stacy facing all of the Goblins on her own. This was one of the bigger moments that Gwen has had, at least the main universe version of the character. Whether she was a clone or the real version of the character it was a good way for this Gwen to go out after all she went through in The Clone Conspiracy.

Darth Maul #1

The prequel material didn’t do the best job in building Darth Sidious as an intriguing character. That makes how chilling this conversation between Darth Sidious and Maul stand out even more. It gives us a good idea of where Darth Maul stands in Sidious mind during and after Episode 1, which has only been briefly explored in the prequel cartoons.

Elektra #1

The cold efficiency that Elektra used to take out a club filled with security guards establishes the type of action we should expect to see from the series. The way she seamlessly transitioned between each guy she fights just looks great with her new costume helping it stand out

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #15

Integrating the future that Geoff Johns showed Hal Jordan and Kyle Rayner are going to have was refreshing to see as it is one of those things that could be easily ignored by everyone at DC. So to see it in this issue help make Hal and Kyle fears have a greater impact when paired together.

Hawkeye #3

Kate Bishop has a long way to go before she can reach the detective and ninja skill levels of others in her field. That is never better shown than this scene where Kate fails to show any subtlety in how she breaks into each room, especially the dude she walks in on in the bathroom.

Invincible #133

Entering into the final twelve issues of Invincible Robert Kirkman needed a strong issue to set the tone for the series’ final year. That is exactly what Kirkman did and it is best exemplified in Atom Eve telling Invincible that “Being a hero is bullshit.” That is a tone setter if I’ve ever seen one.

Justice League #14

Cyborg has come a long way since being re-written to be a founding member of the Justice League. Seeing Cyborg call out the newbie Green Lanterns in order to remind them why they belong helped all three in justifying their membership. This at least showed how Cyborg has become more of a leader within the DCU than he even realizes.

Justice League of America #1

Considering that the new JLA that Batman has put together has the same original mission statement that the Avengers had its only appropriate for them to fight Lord Havok and the Extremists, villains who come from a Marvel Universe-esque world.

Justice League/Power Rangers #2

In Zack’s defense he does have a point about Batman not smiling and his whole vibe giving others from another universe the impression he is a villain. The same thing happened when Batman met the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles last year. Maybe he should think about smiling a little during these cross-promotion crossovers.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #12

One of the things that I’ve come to appreciate about the new Power Rangers comic is how Kyle Higgins is not hesitating in exploring the darker elements of the mythos, which the show could never do on TV. And it doesn’t get darker than this scene showing an evil Tommy Oliver, in his new Green-White Ranger hybrid suit, carrying a broken Red Ranger helmet to show the other Rangers he killed Jason.

Nightwing #15

While there is still some hope for Nightwing and Batgirl to have a relationship in the future it was good to see them both accept that they need to move on with the new lives they are each building. Though given their history they will always find a way back to each other, so there is always hope for Dick Grayson/Barbara Gordon shippers.

Old Man Logan #17

There is something that is just so satisfying about seeing Logan tearing his way through the Brood. It’s the type of brutal action that works even better knowing how toned down the character had been since being one Marvel’s poster heroes.

Old Man Logan #18

Even though it has been a while since the original Old Man Logan storyline it is still chilling to see the dead bodies of the X-Men as it brings back a lot of memories of how Wolverine killed everyone at the X-Mansion.

Super Sons #1

Damian Wayne really needs to learn how to just talk to people in order to learn about them. It would really save him the trouble of taking the time to create so many disguises and figuring out how to act like others.

Superman #16

The questions of who Mr. Oz and what he is planning continues to thicken as he captures yet another character from the DC Universe and puts him into limbo. With Batman and Flash upping their investigation into the Watchmen it’ll be fascinating to see how all of this will come together.

Superman #17

Superman #17 put a new definition as to what the “Got Milk” advertisement meant. It sure isn’t the type of bath that Jon and Kathy’s parents want their kids to have before going to bed.

Teen Titans #5

That is some shots fired at the Young Justice cartoon but you wouldn’t expect anything less from Damian who hates taking orders. It’s especially effective that he basically cursed Batman out without saying any “F” words even though you could picture him saying it to his father.

Titans #8

If he never learned the lesson before Garth knows it now to never ask someone to punch him when his eyes are closed. That never works out. At least Lilith is now discovering that she can be a great fighter if she applies her psychic powers in ways she never thought to use. So maybe Garth’s broken nose makes it all worth it for Lilith to discover this.