Top Comic Book Moments For April 2019

Top Comic Book Moments For April 2019

Top Comic Book Moments For April 2019

Another month has come to an end. That means we had another month filled with moments from the Marvel and DC Universes to talk about. Now I’ll be honest a good number of the moments that stood out this month involve Spider-Man. That may be a case of my pull list but it also goes to show how much happened in Peter Parker’s life during the month of April. Along with that we had the murderer of Heroes In Crisis revealed, Justice League uncovering new truths of the multiverse, Daredevil vs Punisher and much more. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest comic book moments from April 2019.


Amazing Spider-Man #19 Moment
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Trying to make a whole group of villains that have attempted to kill you on multiple occasions is not the smartest idea. Spider-Man needs to learn how to read a room.


Amazing Spider-Man 20 Moment
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Kraven’s son is very lucky that his father has a lot of patience. Though it does seem likely he will soon learn why his father is called Kraven The Hunter.


Batman 68 Moment
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Even though this was supposed to be Selina Kyle’s bachelorette party this entire thing seemed to be more for Lois Lane than for Selina.


Batman 69 Moment
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Catwoman is teaching Batman that the truth hurts. This is something we have known about Batman all along. Batman coming to realize this makes the eventual time he finally can accept settling down the true happy endgame for him.


Captain America 9 Moment
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The Dryad got a big introduction while Captain America is locked up in prison. Would not be surprised if somehow this new character turns out to be a younger Peggy Carter or Sharon Carter in a big twist to tie into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


Captain Marvel 4 Moment
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Captain Marvel is no doubt one of the most powerful Marvel characters. But she, like everyone else, has a weakness. Unfortunately for Captain Marvel that weakness comes in the form of Rogue.


Catwoman 10 Moment
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Catwoman is the last person you want to provide an opening to escape for. You would think that after all this time knowing her Penguin would understand that.


Daredevil 4 Moment
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Daredevil proving to Punisher that the only reason he is still around is because most heroes hold back when fighting him. Because if someone like Daredevil did Punisher would have been dead a long time ago.


Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man 5 Moment
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Aunt May having cancer is a major development for her. Seeing how Peter makes sure to show Aunt May that he will be there for her the whole way was great to see and gives a new hook to their interactions.


Green Lantern 6 Moment
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Nothing like a good Old West shootout between Green Lantern and Adam Strange


Heroes In Crisis 8 Moment
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Finally after eight issues we learned what exactly happened at Sanctuary. There are a lot of feelings for this development. All of which Rokk goes over in our review of Heroes In Crisis #8.


Justice League 22 Moment
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This is an interesting twist to the backstory of Monitor, Anti-Monitor and World Forger. It creates even more questions for all the major events that have happened throughout the history of DC Comics.


Marvel Team-Ups 1 Moment
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Spider-Man sure loves to revisit the Freaky Friday story because switching bodies with someone else is a yearly thing for him lately. Ms. Marvel is going to learn that now.


Spider-Gwen Ghost Spider 7 Moment
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Spider-Gwen is keeping herself busy as she figures out how to get paid while being a superhero full-time.


Spider-Man Life Story 2 Moment
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Spider-Man: Life Story has been filled with a lot of great stuff. One of the most compelling developments was the relationship between Peter Parker and Reed Richards. The tension between the pairing was unexpected and compelling at the same time.


Tony Stark Iron Man 10 Moment
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Whether a child or forty year old Tony Stark knows he is a world builder. Not even his parents can tell him anything different.


Uncanny X-Men #16 Moment
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Captain America and Cyclops cooperating with each is something that has been missing in the Marvel Universe. The world is better when Marvel’s two best leaders are working together instead of leading their teams to fight each other.


Wonder Woman #69 Moment
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An army of creepy, flying babies attacking sounds like a complete nightmare. Wonder Woman is a lot calmer in this situation than I would be.


Young Justice #4 Moment
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Finally the reunion of the core of the Young Justice is here. Can’t help but smile seeing Robin, Superboy, Wonder Girl and Impulse embracing in a big group hug.

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