Top Comic Book Moments For February 2019

Top Comic Book Moments For February 2019

Top Comic Book Moments For February 2019

The month of February came and went with many big things going on in the comic book world. February was one of those months that while there weren’t many end of the world battles there was still a lot of confrontations with serious ramifications for the DC and Marvel Universes. Characters like Batman, Flash, Captain America, Wolverine and Wonder Woman were part of very intense scenes that could alter how things go down in their respective universes. What were some of the major events of February? Find out with our breakdown of the Top Comic Book Moments for February 2019


Amazing Spider-Man #15 Aunt May Re-Opens FEAST
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Aunt May has been through a lot lately. She lost her second husband and recently learned she has a form of cancer. Though this is Aunt May we are talking about. No form of bad news will keep her from helping others and that is what we see here as she spearheads the re-opening of the FEAST Center.


Amazing Spider-Man #16 Kraven Assemble His Prey
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The “Hunted” story arc has turned into a major event that Kraven the Hunter will force anyone with an animal theme identity to be involved in, whether they like it or not. That is sure to make things even more dangerous for the citizens of New York City as it has been chosen as the hunting grounds for Kraven’s hunt.


Avengers #14 Blade vs Vampires
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1 or 100, it does not matter how many vampires are thrown at Blade. He will defeat and kill them all if they try to attack him.


Batman #64 Justice League running thin
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Between what is happening in Heroes In Crisis, teams and all the solo comic books they are involved in the Justice League are being stretched thin. That is especially the case for Batman and Flash. Does make you wonder how much longer these heroes can keep this pace up.


Batman #65 Flash Punches Batman
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Batman has been getting sloppy lately. A big reason for that is because of how much he has going on with all of the case he is involved in. Still, Flash calling him out for how Batman has been handling things on his own lately is a very much needed reality check for the Bruce Wayne.


Black Widow #2 Natasha Is In Charge
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This is Black Widow’s house. Anyone looking to challenge her just needs to look at the people on the ground to know what happens if any tries to do so.


Captain America #8 Sharon Carter Confronts Mayor Wilson Fisk
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Sharon Carter has done and seen just about everything. So you really don’t want to make an enemy out of her. That is something New York City Mayor Wilson Fisk is quickly learning.


Captain Marvel #2 Carol Danvers Leads
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Captain Marvel can clash with others at times but at the end of the day she is someone that people will follow as one of the leaders of the Marvel Universe.


Catwoman #8 Penguin Uses Holly Robinson
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Given that the last time we saw Holly Robinson she was meeting with Bane this latest development may force Catwoman to get back involved with what is going on over in Gotham City.


Champions #2 Miles Morales Deal With Mephisto
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Miles Morales really needs to hangout and talk with Peter Parker more. If he did that Miles would no nothing good comes from Spider-Man making a deal with Mephisto.


Daredevil #1 Daredevil Struggles
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Since his near-death experience Daredevil has lost a step or two. We can see that with his fight here that was more difficult for him than it should have been. Daredevil may need to look into adjusting his fighting style to compensate for this.


Detective Comics #999 What Batman Does On His Birthday
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It’s one thing if Bruce Wayne put himself through this experience with a dark timeline this one time given all that is going on in his life. But to learn that he does this every year on his birthday is extremely concerning for his mental and physical health. More and more the DC creative staff seem to be pushing the idea that we need to question when Bruce will finally break in his life as Batman.


Flash #64 Flash Confronts Batman
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It’s surprising to see Batman not really have an answer for Flash when questioning his detective abilities. Once again, are we seeing Batman take on touch much that he is allowing to many things to slip through the cracks that shouldn’t?


Flash #65 Barry Allen And Bruce Wayne Throw Salt
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Someone needs to get Batman and Flash some water because the amount of salt in the Batcave is enormous.


Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man 3 Moment
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This made the moments of February solely because of how cool of an image this is. Juann Cabal knocked it out of the part with how designed Spider-Man in this way.


Green Lantern #4 Hal Jordan Powers Up
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The layout by Liam Sharp added to how big of a moment this was for the Green Lanterns as they push their powers to the limit.


Guardians of the Galaxy #2 Guardians Train
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Groot is making sure the new Guardians of the Galaxy are properly trained for threats big and small.


Heroes In Crisis #6 Remembering The Titans
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Just as we thought the return of the original Titans team meant great things ahead this is just a reminder of how quickly things fell apart for them, especially for Wally West.


Invaders #2 Namor Shows Captain America His New Power
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Namor was already one of the most dangerous Marvel characters. Now with even greater power thanks to taking Hydro-Man’s power Namor is an even bigger threat to those who get in his way, as Captain America quickly learns.


Justice League #17 Martian Manhunter and Lex Luthor
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Martian Manhunter and Lex Luthor is a pairing I never thought would have so much steam behind it. But here we are with Martian Manhunter and Lex being the most interesting pairing in the DC Universe.


Marvel Annotated #1 Human Torch Debut
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With how many things that happen in the Marvel Universe it is easy to forget amazing the age of super powered characters are. This debut of the original Human Torch is a good reminder of the amazement this type of event would have for the public at large.

Mr. & MRS. X #8

Mr. & Mrs. X #8 Rogue and Gambit Enter The Star Wars Universe
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Rogue and Gambit sure know how to make the early days of their marriage memorable.


Spider-Gwen Ghost Spider #5
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Spider-Gwen tried to warn these guys. Sometimes people just need a good butt whopping to learn their lesson.


TMNT #91 Leonardo Confronts Master Splinter
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Leonardo providing Master Splinter with an unexpected reality check as the leadership of the Foot Clan is put into question.


Uncanny X-Men #11 Cyclops and Wolverine Go To Work
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While they will always be rivals Cyclops and Wolverine do make for an incredible duo that need no words to properly fight together.


Uncanny X-Men #12 New Sentinels
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Mutants becoming Sentinels? Why does that sound familiar?


Wonder Woman #64 Wonder Woman Learns The Truth
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Without Olympus or Themyscira can Wonder Woman keep things in check as creatures and Gods from that part of the world spill out across Earth?


Young Justice #2 Wonder Girl Back In Action
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It’s great to see Cassie Sandsmark back in action and being the badass we all know she can be.

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