Top Comic Book Moments For February 2020

Things in the comic book world continue to take shape during the month of February. There are many big things brewing for both the DC and Marvel Universes. On the DC Universe side we got more hints of the direction for the upcoming Joker War, DCeased returning, and more fallout from Superman’s reveal, just to name a few. On Marvel’s end we saw more developments from a big time Spider-Man villain, X-Men and Fantastic Four clashing, Thor turning going deeper into the dark side and much more. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest moments from DC Comics, Marvel and others during February 2020.


Amazing Spider-Man 39 Jonah Jameson Spider-Man Talk History
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No matter how good of friends Spider-Man and J. Jonah Jameson may become there is no way they can spend more than 5 minutes together before getting into a big argument. That is just who they are when together.


Amazing Spider-Man 40 Chameleon Big Plans
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Looks like Chameleon is finally setting the stage for his revenge plan against Spider-Man after the events of “Hunted” led to the Kraven the Hunter once again dying. Going after Peter Parker to get to Spider-Man should make things interesting for Peter’s personal life.


Amethyst 1 History Revealed
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While Amethyst is a character that has been around for a while she isn’t a character known by a wider audience. Having double page spreads like this that summarize Amethyst origin is appreciated and gets the whole origin story out of the way with great artwork.


Ant Man 1 Fighting With Ants
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Ant-Man really needs to work on his relationships with his ants. If not he could be in a lot of trouble when facing off against one of his villains


Batman 88 Riddler Talks Past With Catwoman
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Given all the reboots there are things about the current DC Universe continuity we don’t know about. The secret alliance between Catwoman, Joker, Riddler and Peguin that took place in the past is one of those things. Riddler using this past against Catwoman is a good challenge to introduce as her relationship with Batman grows stronger.


Batman 89 Joker Knows Batman Family Identities
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And just like that with one page we have all that is needed to be invested in the upcoming Joker War. Just the visual of Joker figuring out the core Batman Family identities provides a lot of intrigue for most of the Batman books to build from.


Black Cat 9 Where Is Patch
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No one in the world knows Patch or has time to talk about him with Black Cat. Maybe Black Cat should visit the X-Men in Krakoa to get some answers instead.


Captain Marvel 15 Captain America Trust
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Captain America shows why he is the ultimate leader as he places his full trust in Captain Marvel’s current direction.


Catwoman 20 Selina Kyle Regains Confidence
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Catwoman gets her mojo back inspiring her sister to start moving again was a strong payoff to one of the big sub-plots Joelle Jones has been building between Selina and Maggie Kyle.


Daredevil 17 Hammerhead End
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The death of Hammerhead is a big game changer for the mafia world of New York City. This opens the door for someone else possibly even more dangerous to take his place as one of the muscles of the mafia.


Daredevil 18 Super Senses
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Some of the best artwork from Daredevil comes when artists draw his enhanced senses. Jorge Fornes joins those artists with how he displays Daredevil’s hyper hearing.


DCeased The Unkillables 1 Vandal Savage Takes Control
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After everything he has done and all the times he was defeated Vandal Savage has his best chance to claim what he has sought by taking advantage of the Anti-Life Equation virus infecting everyone in DCeased. Vandal Savage also taking a dig at all the heroes approach to dealing with this type of crisis added to what he is planning on doing with the characters he has gathered.


Ghost Spider 7 Maker Bringing Back Ultimate Universe
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Over the years we’ve seen clues that Marvel may be going back to the Ultimate Universe. We saw that the Ultimate Universe was still a part of Marvel’s Multiverse at the end of Spider-Men II. Now it looks like Maker, previously known as Ultimate Reed Richard, has big plans for the Ultimate Universe to be part of his larger scheme along with Spider-Gwen’s Earth-65.


Giant Size X-Men Jean Grey And Emma Frost 1 Storm Infected
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Giant Size X-Men: Jean Grey and Emma Frost #1 was filled with fantastic artwork from Russell Dauterman. This particular page is one of the more important once as it shows a big development in the fact that Storm is infected with some sort of virus due to her interactions with the Children of the Vault.


Green Lantern Season Two 1 Liam Sharp Impresses
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Liam Sharp continues to amaze with how he is able to breathe life into the greater DC Universe. This double page spread is another example of how Sharp shows the wide variety of characters that exist in the DC Universe.


Justice League 40 Superman Green Lantern
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With everything that has happened to Batman recently during City of Bane, especially with Alfred Pennyworth’s death, we’ve been seeing how his attitude has been changing. John Stewart calling Batman out on how his ego is getting out of control and not working well with the Justice League could be leading towards a bigger character arc for the Dark Knight. 


Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 48 Jason vs Tommy
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While they have become best friends over the years there have always been hints of a rivalry between Jason Lee Scott and Tommy Oliver. The developments with the Omega Rangers secret being revealed to the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers seems to have lit the flames of the rivalry between Jason and Tommy once again.


Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3 Shredder Green Ranger
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Green Ranger Shredder may be the most dangerous Power Ranger in history. Rita Repulsa just learned that fact in this scene.


Nightwing 69 Joker Targets Nightwings
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It may be crazy to say but it is looking like Joker will be the key for Dick Grayson’s big return. That is at least what it feels like is going to happen by the end of Nightwing’s tie-in to Joker War.


Superman Heroes 1 Batman Honest With Wonder Woman
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Superman: Heroes #1 had a lot of problems but one thing that it got right was this conversation between Bruce Wayne and Diana Prince. Bruce finally admitting his jealousy of Clark Kent and his connection with his family speaks to where Bruce is right now.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 103 Leonardo Michelangelo Talk
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Sometimes less is more and that is what this scene between Leonardo and Michelangelo shows. The little amount of words help make the quiet moment they have with each other speak volumes for where they are both at after Master Splinter’s death.


Thor 3 Beta Ray Bill Holds Mjolnir
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The brotherhood between Thor and Beta Ray Bill is really being tested with Thor’s turn as one of Galactus’ Heralds. Beta Ray Bill telling Thor he is not worthy of Mjolnir is a great example of how to use a battle to give strong character development between those involved in the fight. 


Wolverine 1 Magneto Logan Talk
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This back-and-forth between Wolverine and Magneto shows that not everything is as clean as we’ve been led to believe with how the different X-Men teams have been set up. The tension here hints at something bigger going down within the ranks of the X-Men.


Wonder Woman 751 Donna Returning
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The bond between Wonder Woman and Donna Troy is not something that has been explored very much in the modern era. Diana showing signs she wants to reconnect with Donna is a good thing for both characters.


Wonder Woman 752 Golden Perfect Strikes
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We don’t normally see superheroes give names to their attacks. That is more of a thing you see with anime and mangas. Wonder Woman doing this is actually a cool element to how she uses her weapons to fight.


X-Force 7 Colossus Trauma
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It is rare to see Colossus get emotional character development. He has largely been used as the muscle for the X-Men. Adding this emotionally driven moment of honesty for Colossus gives the character depth that wasn’t there before.

X-MEN #6

X-Men 6 Destiny Tells Mystique The Future
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Destiny’s prediction of a future where Charles Xavier and Magneto would not come through with their promises to Mystique bring her Destiny back to life seems to be coming true. Xavier and Magneto better think better and actually bring Destiny back as promised because they risk making Mystique the greatest threat to their utopia on Krakoa.

X-MEN #7

X-Men 7 Apocalypse Crucible
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The X-Men having Apocalypse make the new mutant recruits that join their ranks go through a crucible is both surprising and appropriate thing to learn about how things work on Krakoa. 


X-Men/Fantastic Four 1 Reed Richards Controls Son
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You can see all the belief Franklin Richards had in Reed Richards as a father who wants the best for his son drift away. Trying to control your child in a way that they perceive is holding them back is not a good thing, which Reed is now quickly learning.


X-Men/Fantastic Four 2 Invisible Woman Powers Up
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This may be one of the best moves Reed Richards has done as he used Emma Frost’s overconfidence to help Sue Storm regain consciousness and turn the fight against the X-Men towards the Fantastic Four’s favor.

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