July 2020 Comic Book Moments

Top Comic Book Moments For July 2020

July 2020 Comic Book Moments

July 2020 saw the comic book industry make their full return as every publisher started putting out their normal schedule of releases. There is a lot of catching up that is being, as shown with how Marvel is rushing to get Empyre out and over with by the end of August. While there was a rush to get things out into comic shops there were a lot of notable things that took place in July. Things like the end of X-Men/Fantastic Four, Dark Nights: Death Metal getting crazier, Joker War kicking off, Daredevil’s big reveal and much more are moments things that we should slow down and take a closer look at. Let’s do just that with by taking a look at some of the Top Comic Book Moments For July 2020.


Amazing Spider-Man #44
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Peter Parker’s self-awareness that he has been spending more time as Spider-Man as of late is interesting to see for a superhero. Peter’s personal life is as much part of the core of the character. But with everything going on in the Marvel Universe Peter has been more active as Spider-Man. Peter feeling that he is losing part of himself because of that and calling MJ to admit this was a strong character moment.


Amazing Spider-Man #45
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Sin-Eater is such a fascinating villain in the fact that he is upfront with why he is doing what he is doing. He doesn’t shy away from the fact he is a villain. Which does make you want to see Spider-Man defeat Sin-Eater even more. This scene plays into who Sin-Eater is very well.


Batman #94
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In the modern era we don’t get to see much of Bruce Wayne’s training into becoming Batman. Normally we see him already trained as he is starting out or already well into his Batman years. Which makes this look into the possibility that Bruce actually trained with the DC Universe version of Sherlock Holmes something that I hope is explored more in the future.

Batman #95

Batman #95
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Punchline has been such a wild card since her introduction as Joker’s new girlfriend and villain partner. Batman being unprepared for her type of chaos shows that.


Batman: Gotham Nights #12
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It is so refreshing to see all of the Robins in one issue. This splash page with Robin, Nightwing, Drake, Spoiler, and Red Hood was just awesome to see.


Batman: The Adventures Continue #9
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Finally, after seeing him being the Batman Family stalker we learn the backstory of the DC Animated Universe version of Jason Todd and how he was in fact the second Robin after Dick Grayson left and before Tim Drake took on the role.


Captain Marvel #17
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Whenever you are stuck on an answer for a trivia night question just follow Captain Marvel’s team lead by answering “Captain America’s Ass.”


Daredevil #21
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Gotta give Chip Zdarsky a lot of credit for making this moment when Matt Murdock reveals to his old boss that he is Daredevil come across as impactful. Even as Matt’s superhero identity has been public in the past this reveal just felt different.


Dark Nights: Death Metal #2
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The Justice Society of America appearing in Dark Nights: Death Metal is awesome. What made this appearance stand out even more was the reunion between Wally West and Jay Garrick.


DCeased: Dead Planet #1
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Green Arrow hasn’t had a lot of luck in recent post-apocalyptic DC Universe scenarios. Diana Lance unleashing her full power as Green Lantern Canary on the Anti-Living Wonder Woman was powerful.


DCeased: Hope At World's End #5
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Stephanie Brown as Spoiler hugging Damian Wayne, who finally accepted taking on the mantle of Batman, is shown something that Damian needed as he is still grieving his family’s death.


Empyre #1
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Hulkling better learn quick that just because you can stop Thor’s hammer throw you should not trust that there was a reason for that. Iron Man taught him that lesson in Empyre #1.


Giant-Size X-Men: Magneto
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Sometimes you forget how powerful Magneto is. How effortless it was for Magneto to create Emma Frost a new citadel was an example of why he is now considered an Omega-Level mutant.


Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #51
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A lot of things have changed since Shattered Grid. It looks like Lord Zedd is taking all that experience by creating his own Dark Rangers with Goldar and his other minions to elevate the power the bad guys have in the wake of Lord Drakkon’s appearance.


Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #52
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This crazy version of Lord Drakkon has been fascinating to watch interact with the current Power Rangers. Not sure why he continues to try to piss Tommy, Billy and Kimberly off. Maybe he is trying to steal their powers by doing this. Whatever the case is, Lord Drakkon definitely sounds crazy.


Nightwing #72
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When Dick Grayson returned becoming a member of Joker’s new family with Punchline was not what was expected. Things are never easy for the former Boy Wonder.


Power Rangers: Ranger Slayer #1
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Queen Ranger Slayer Kimberly Hart was an unexpected turn for the character but completely fitting given her arc since Shattered Grid. She has been through so much that Kimberly is the best person to lead the Coinless Universe to back to possibly getting some sense of normalcy.


Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #2
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Doctor Aphra always has some story of how she was able to get more out of a job than maybe even the person who hired her intended to give her.


Strange Academy #2
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Note to self: if you ever take a class taught by Magik never be late to class or talk crap during the class.


Superman: Man Of Tomorrow #12
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Atlas comparing how he and Superman are the rare people that fully comprehend what its like to have the weight of the world on their shoulder is an interesting way to get over the responsibilities both characters have.


Titans: Titans Together #3
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Never trust a green kitten. There may be a Raven that may show up for a sneak attack.


Wolverine #3
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Even though there have been a lot things that have changed since forming Krakoa, Magneto should always be careful when Wolverine invites him to get drunk together.


Wonder Woman #759
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This is just an amazing double page spread by Mikel Janin and Jordie Bellaire that showcases Wonder Woman’s current history.

X-MEN #10

X-Men #10
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Nothing to see here. Just a Summers Family beach trip with Scott Summers, Jean Grey, Rachel Grey, Cable and Wolverine. Everything is normal.


X-Men/Fantastic Four #4
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There are few things of note that happen in this scene. For one we learn that the Illuminati that Charles Xavier and Reed Richards were part of founding is still in continuity even with all the changes with X-Men. Additionally we see how Xavier no longer sees erasing minds as the best method to get things done. He wants people to remember the ramifications of their actions as he does when confronting Reed Richards.

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