Comic Book Moments Of June 2019

Top Comic Book Moments For June 2019

Comic Book Moments Of June 2019

With the final Wednesday of June past us it is time to look back at some of the best comic book moments of the month. June delivered plenty of memorable moments as big events like DCeased and War of the Realms delivered on what is expected from blockbuster spectacles. Along with those events comics like Amazing Spider-Man, Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Justice League and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers delivered notable moments to remember. Let’s take a look at all these and many other top moments from June 2019.


Amazing Spider-Man #23 Chameleon Reveal Moment
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One question that hovered over the “Hunted” event in Amazing Spider-Man was where the Chameleon was during Kraven the Hunter’s latest hunt. That was answered at the end of Amazing Spider-Man #23 as we learn that Kraven left his brother out of the hunt on purpose. This new development gives Chameleon plenty of motivation to make his return to cause chaos in the Marvel Universe the next time he shows up.


Amazing Spider-Man #24 Peter MJ Moment
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It is rare for Peter and MJ to enjoy a nice quiet night out with how crazy things continue to get with everything Spider-Man goes up against. The two getting to take advantage of Peter’s Spider-Man abilities to get a unique view at the stars was a nice moment for the newly returned pair.


Batman #72 Rogues Gallery Assemble Moment
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While this was a shot that we saw before it is the thoughts of Flashpoint Thomas Wayne made in this that makes it noteworthy. In this splash page Tom King is able to put over what is motivating Bane to completely break Batman this time around.


Batman #73 Bruce Thomas Wayne Moment
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Learning that Flashpoint Thomas Wayne’s goal is to reunite his family, even if Bruce and Martha are from another universe, is an unexpected reveal. Bruce’s reaction to this is perfect as we don’t know if he is on Flashpoint Thomas Wayne’s side or biding his time until he can counter. It is likely the latter give how the story has gone for Bruce.


Batman Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III #2 Moment
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Batman vs the original Raphael from the original black and white Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comics was a dream match I never expected to see. But seeing it go done, even for how short it was, felt like an awesome dream come true.


Black Cat #1 Heist Moment
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This is a great example of how art can tell the complete story. Nao Fugi did a great job showing this through his Black Cat story.


Captain America #11 Steve Rogers Leads Prison Break Moment
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Steve Rogers leading a prison break of villains was a very unexpected character choice. But given the circumstances this was Steve’s only option.


Captain Marvel #7 Binary Power-Up Moment
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Carol Danvers time as Binary is something that has been lost in time since she has transitioned to being Captain Marvel. Binary was a cool, powerful form that Carol once took on. Given all that was going on during War of the Realms busting out the Binary powers added to how big of a threat the Marvel Universe was facing.


Catwoman #12 Selina Kyle Thief Moment
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At this point why would any place holding high price items trust Selina Kyle, who everyone on Earth knows is Catwoman, to be there without knowing she will steal something. If they don’t realize this then they deserve to get their stuff stolen by Selina.


Daredevil #7 Matt Murdock Hears All Moment
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Having to give up being Daredevil for multiple reasons put a lot of questions as to how Matt Murdock would operate moving forward. We get a hint to the answer here as we see him use his enhanced senses to be a tipper to the NYPD.


DCeased #2 Green Lantern Black Canary Moment
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Black Canary transforming into a Green Lantern was a great moment that makes you wonder why it never happened before for Dinah Lance.


Detective Comics #1005 Batman Through Flames Moment
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No matter what color the flame is it will never be strong enough to take down Batman!


Go Go Power Rangers Forever #1 Jason Trini Relationship Moment
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Romance between Power Rangers is rare. The only ones that have really been spotlighted were Tommy and Kimberly and Tommy and Catherine. Trini breakdown why it would be dangerous for her and Jason becoming an official couple did a good job in explaining why romance between Power Rangers is something that should be avoided, especially for the leader of the team.


The Green Lantern #8 Green Arrow Moment
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Green Lantern and Green Arrow teaming up is something we rarely see even though they have great chemistry with each other. Grant Morrison showed why this team-up should happen more often with Green Lantern #8.


Justice League #25 Superman Family Moment
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This is just a fantastic image of Pa Kent, Superman and Superboy that must be printed as a large poster by DC Comics immediately.


Justice League #26 Multiverse Heroes Assemble Moment
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Scott Snyder’s Justice League run has been very reminiscent of the DC Animated Universe version of the team. Those similarities continue as the story in the series has escalated to the point the all Justice Leagues of the Multiverse are being assembled. This is very reminiscent of Justice League Unlimited.


Justice League Dark #12 Wonder Woman Leader Moment
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Justice League Dark has had a slow build to establish the importance of the team. This closing moment of the long running Doctor Fate-centric story arc fully establishes why Wonder Woman leading a magic based Justice League is what the universe needs.


Marvel Team-Up #3 Spider-Man Ms Marvel Moment
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Marvel Team-Up has always been another Spider-Man title. Though he wasn’t involved in every team-up, Spider-Man was the most consistent character used in this series. This moment came across as a passing of the torch moment as Ms. Marvel has been established as the Spider-Man of this new generation of Marvel heroes.


Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #40 Jason Trini Zack Moment
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Jason, Trini and Zack leaving the Power Rangers always felt like it came out of the blue. From a real-life perspective, it was due to pay disputes between the actors and Saban. But now from a story perspective we are finding out that Jason, Trini and Zack didn’t go away for a Peace Conference. Instead, due to Shattered Grid altering certain events in the Power Rangers timeline, they are now on a secret mission that Zordon likely sent them on.


Spider-Gwen: Ghost Spider #9 Spider-Woman Badass Moment
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When will the villains learn that Spider-Gwen is not someone that they should continue to mess with? I guess they just like learning that lesson the hard way.


Spider-Man: Life Story #4 Peter Parker Knows The Clone Saga Secrets Moment
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Norman Osborn being the one that caused the entire Clone Saga to go down never went over well. Spider-Man: Life Story fixed all the problems with that reveal with this scene that showed Peter Parker easily figure out all of Norman’s plans. This turn of events made the Clone Saga in Spider-Man: Life Story a million times better than the one from the official Marvel continuity.


War Of The Realms #6 All Father Thor Moment
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Jason Aaron’s run on Thor has developed the Odinson as someone that is finally ready to take over the role of King of Asgard from his father. That moment finally came as War of the Realms came to a close. Odin giving Thor the title of “All Father Thor” felt a fitting way for War of the Realms to end. 


Young Justice #6 Superboy Secret Revealed Moment
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Superboy sure has a lot of explaining to do now that he is officially back. This is likely just the start of what he has to tell all his Young Justice teammates about his time away.

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