Top Comic Book Moments June 2020

Top Comic Book Moments For June 2020

Top Comic Book Moments June 2020

The comic book industries first month back is over. Even though June 1st feels like it was a year ago there were a lot of cool and notable things that took place during this month. Big events like Dark Nights: Death Metal kicked off during this month while others like Mighty Morphin Power Rangers/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles came to an end. Along with that we see a lot of things that have been in development in comics like Batman, Daredevil, Black Cat, Thor and Wonder Woman having big stories taking turns that will impact the series future. Let’s get into all of the top comic book moments from June 2020.


Aquaman: Deep Dives #7
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After being hands of royal Aquaman is finally ready to step up to be the King that Atlantis needs. We see how powerful Aquaman stepping up in this way with how all the Atlanteans react to his challenge for all of them in this issue.


Batman #92
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Punchline has been the fastest rising new stars in the DC Universe. The character has been an instant hit. So it was only a matter of time before she crossed paths with Harley Quinn. It looks like that wait wasn’t long as Harley Quinn and Punchline had there first confrontation in Batman #92.


Batman #93
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Joker may not want to kill Batman but it looks like he is ready to pull of his greatest plan by breaking the Dark Knight by first going after his allies in Catwoman and Nightwing, the latter of who we see be more of a focus on his solo series.


Black Cat #11
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Black Cat has been such a fun series and it is just a cool fan moment to see the series go all out with doing things like this where Felicia Hardy creates her own version of the Iron Man armor.


Daredevil #20
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Seeing Matt Murdock finally back to being Daredevil was already exciting. What made this better was how all the build up led to this incredibly badass sequence with Matt showing he is 100% back as Daredevil was incredible.


Dark Nights: Death Metal#1
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Breaking down everything that has happened throughout DC Comics long history, specifically since Crisis On Infinite Earths, with the concepts of Connective Energy and Crisis Energy is brilliant. It simplifies things while adding such intriguing new concepts that DC Comics can build on in the future after Dark Nights: Death Metal ends.


DCeased: Hope At Worlds End #2
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This scene makes me realize we have not seen many instances of Superman and Black Adam facing off with each other. There is definitely a lot of potential in creating a big story around these two clashing.


DCeased: Hope At Worlds End #3
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Even though I’m not well versed in Max Mercury’s history this entire scene got me. Tom Taylor did an excellent job providing weight to Max Mercury sacrificing himself to save Wally West and Bart Allen. Such a powerful character moment.


Far Sector #6
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As we continue to get more Green Lanterns in the DC Universe, specifically Earth based ones, it has been fun to see how different writers differentiate the way each Green Lantern uses their ring. With Jo Mullein we see how she is using her Green Lantern powers to create things that combine both her background as a cop and own imagination, as we see here with her creating mech parts.


Ghost-Spider #10
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With both Outlawed and the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man event, its clear Marvel wanted to include Gwen Stacy’s Ghost-Spider in those stories. This ultimatum by Earth-65 Sue and Johnny Storm is a good way to have Gwen’s Ghost-Spider join Earth-616 at least for the immediate future while building a foundation for a story to follow up on when she gets a new ongoing series later on.


Justice League #46
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After seeing how John Stewart grew as a leader during his time as the one leading the Green Lantern Corps it is cool to see how he was able to create all of his GLC teammates to take on the Amazons.


Justice League #47
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This scene does an excellent job summarizing the importance of why Jim Corrigan is the perfect host for Spectre. Makes his future something to keep an eye on.


Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #50
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There were a lot of big moments in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #50 but there was nothing bigger than Lord Drakkon’s return. Not only did the Power Rangers greatest villain return but Lord Drakkon returns in a state that you worry what kind of threat is out in the universe that is great enough to terrify him.


Mighty Morphin Power Rangers/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #5
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It does not get more hype than seeing the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles creating the Turtle Megazord. Come on! That is just awesome!


Nightwing #71
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After being under the control of the Court of Owls the former Dick Grayson doesn’t get much time to rest as he now has fallen under Joker’s control. At least he will be known as Dick Grayson again and we can say goodbye to Ric Grayson.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #105
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This scene between Jennika and the young albino turtle, Lita, does a great job continuing to develop the former. Little things like this scene go a long way in developing new lead characters in a natural way that makes you look forward to more scenes with Jennika at the forefront.


Thor #5
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Galactus being called one of Black Winter’s Heralds was not what was expected from this “The Devourer King” arc but it definitely has peak my interest in where Donny Cates and Nic Klein are going with this story.


Titans: Titans Together #1
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This type of training is a nice change of pace as it shows how as a leader Nightwing understands where the Titans have fallen short in the past. Not being afraid to have the Titans, who all know each other as a family, face will make the team better as a unit when facing off against all sorts of villains.


Wonder Woman #756
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Its been way to long since we have seen Diana Prince and Donna Troy together. This scene was made even better with how Diana made it clear that they should both be considered Wonder Woman. It’s an excellent way for Diana to pay respect to Donna and all they’ve been through.

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