Top Comic Book Moments October 2019

Top Comic Book Moments For October 2019

Top Comic Book Moments October 2019

October was another month that delivered some emotionally impactful moments. From Superman being forced to make a life altering decision to important people from Wally West’s past returning to Professor Xavier and Magneto statement to the entire Marvel Universe emotions ran high in October. Let’s take a look at all these and other big moments from DC Comics, Marvel and more in our Top Comic Book Moments For October 2019.


Absolute Carnage #4 Highlight
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Eddie Brock has spent a lot of time going between villain and anti-hero since becoming Venom. Captain America giving Eddie props for defending the Avengers against Carnage’s symbiote army while they were knocked out is a character defining moment to position him as a full time hero.


The Amazing Mary Jane #1 Highlight
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Having a dance party in public is a simple thing but a fun moment that shows that Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson are both secure enough in their relationship to be this silly while on the phone with each other.


Amazing Spider-Man #31 Highlight
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This speech by Norman Osborn seems to point to Kindred being someone related to him. The first guess is that its Harry Osborn since he has been noticeably absent from Nick Spencer’s run. Though don’t rule out Osborns from before the One More Day/Brand New Day continuity that shall not be named but survived because of Mephisto to become a paradox of sorts.


Amazing Spider-Man #32 Highlight
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Spider-Man really needs to sit down to have an honest conversation with Silver Sable. It would help their friendship so that she doesn’t keep going back and forth as a close ally to enemy and back again.


Batman #80 Highlight
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It is never a good idea to have a face-to-face showdown with Batman. You would think that Hush would know better. Well, he knows now.


Batman #81
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Gotta give it to Batman for transforming his well-known paranoia as a weapon to communicate with the rest of the Batman Family without his enemies knowledge.


Batman/Superman #3 Highlight
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Look at Commissioner Gordon delivering some truth bombs on Batman to prove himself to be one of Batman Who Laughs’ Infected.


Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #6 Highlight
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Pizza Party is not something I ever would’ve heard Batman tell the Batman Family he is throwing at the Batcave. Must be the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles influence. That or Michelangelo somehow traded bodies with Batman. Either way…Pizza Party Time!


Black Cat #5 Highlight
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If Black Cat and her crew didn’t know before they know now to never mess with Invisible Woman, her family or home.


Captain Marvel #11
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Captain Marvel stepping up big to stop Star’s rampage by making a decision that was sure to be tough to make.


Catwoman #16 Highlight
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Catwoman showing the bad guys that it is so much easier to give honest answers rather than dodging her questions. At least they will learn a lesson from this.


Daredevil #12 Highlight
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If you forgot how terrifying Wilson Fisk can be after how long he has been Mayor of New York City this scene is a reminder that once the Kingpin, always the Kingpin.


DCeased #5 Highlight
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This is an absolutely heartbreaking scene as Superman must say goodbye to Lois Lane, Jonathan Kent, and Ma Kent. DCeased continues to surprise with how much emotion is packed into every issue.


DCeased #6 Moment
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DCeased had a lot of emotionally impact moments. This moment between Jonathan Kent and Damian Wayne was just another one with Superboy telling Damian he will be a great Batman.


Flash Forward #2 Highlight
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After everything that Wally West has been through since returning at the beginning of DC Rebirth it is nice to say his kids, Jai and Iris West, back. Though it is tough to have hope in their return given everything Wally has been put through. That said, hopefully Jai and Iris’ return is a positive thing. Wally sure needs it.


Ghost Spider #3 Highlight
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The dynamic between an older Peter Parker and young Gwen Stacy continues to be fun. They are slowly getting into a mentor-protege type relationship without speeding it.


The Green Lantern #12 Highlight
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Hal Jordan’s life has never been simple. Now joining the Blackstars as so many threats to the Multiverse continue to pop everywhere make things even more complicated for Hal. What his standing is now with the rest of the DC Universe as a Blackstar will be interesting to see.


House of X #6 Highlight
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The Quiet Council of Krakoa not wasting any time in getting things done and handing out punishment to Sabertooth for going rogue and giving mutants a bad name.


Justice League #33 Highlight
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Justice League has entered Dragon Ball Z territory as the Monitors have learned the Fusion Technique in order to become the Ultra-Monitor.


Justice League #34 Highlight
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Nothing more hype than seeing all the various Justice Leagues and Justice Society of Americas from across the Multiverse uniting to fight the Ultra-Monitor and the other current threats to the DC Universe.


Marauders #1 Highlight
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Kate Pryde not holding back and showing how she is potentially the most dangerous fighter in the Marvel Universe when using her powers in combination with the combat training she received from Wolverine and others.


Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #44 Moment
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Jason Scott Lee stepping up big by confronting Lord Zedd to show the Power Rangers big bad that the Omega Rangers aren’t to be messed with.


Power Rangers: The Psycho Path
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Given how close Andros and Karone were by the end of Power Rangers In Space it is surprising to learn that they got into such a sibling relationship breaking argument like this. Wonder if we will see this thread picked up on in the future in comic book or another form.


Power of X #6
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Professor Xavier may be spending way too much time with Magneto in this new X-Men continuity. He definitely is sounding more and more like Magneto. Gotta wonder how this will affect his relationship with the rest of the Quiet Council and X-Men now that the franchise is moving forward on various different adventures.


Web of Black Widow #2 Highlight
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Even though they been separated for a while Bucky Barnes and Natasha Romanoff continue to share a deep trust. That trust is something I keep hoping leads back to them getting back together and possibly seeing a team-up Black Widow/Winter Soldier series.

X-MEN #1

X-Men #1 Highlight
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Cyclops not hiding his feelings on what his intentions are and what he wants out of his life. Probably why we are seeing Cyclops, Jean Grey and Wolverine in the relationship X-Men #1 implies them to currently be in.

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