Top Comic Book Moments For September 2019

September has come to a close. With it came a ton of major moments across the comic book industry. From Absolute Carnage to DCeased to House of X and Powers of X, there were a lot of big events taking place as both Marvel and DC Comics. Many of these moments came with big twists that changed the game for many stories. What were these moments? Find out in our look at the Top Comic Book Moments For September 2019.


Absolute Carnage 3 Cletus Kasady Reveals Origin Story
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Cletus Kasady has always been an unhinge character. There was no questioning that at all. This scene of Cletus explaining what he is just captures the utter creepiness of the character as Ryan Stegman draws the character slowly transforming into Dark Carnage.


Amazing Spider-Man 29 Aunt May Talks To Peter Parker
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This conversation between Aunt May and Peter Parker is the first sign that Marvel is going to be slowly undoing what the One More Day/Brand New Day direction erased with Peter’s marriage to Mary Jane Watson. Though Peter’s failed to actually propose because of his Spider-Man adventures, this scene gives hope that we will eventually see a new wedding between Peter and MJ.


Amazing Spider-Man 30 Kindred Reveals Peter Parker Nightmare
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The death of Gwen Stacy will be something that will forever haunt Peter Parker. No matter how many big and scary threats he has faced as Spider-Man, nothing will ever compare to Gwen’s death. Continuing to have nightmares about that speaks to why that is. The mention of him saying Gwen’s name in his sleep also adds an interesting wrinkle in how MJ also deals with that event.


Batman #78 Batman Opens Up To Catwoman
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The big question after this interlude arc that has focused of Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle’s relationship is if DC Comics will allow them to be a permanent couple. While it is clear that the failed wedding was just part of Tom King’s greater narrative there is still a lot of uncertainty that Bruce and Selina will have a long-term relationship.


Batman 79 Batman Calls Robin To Help Alfred
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The timeline for the interlude is very questionable, it is interesting to find out that Bruce sent his son, Damian Wayne, into Gotham City to confront Bane and Flashpoint Batman. That revelation adds a lot of weight to what Bruce will do once he returns to Gotham City as Batman with Catwoman and learns what that order to Robin led to Alfred’s death.


Batman/Superman 2 Superman Who Laughs Joins Batman Who Laughs
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Looks like Superman watched The Dark Knight and heard the line “You either die a hero or live long enough to become to see yourself become a villain.” Now he has become The Superman Who Laughs. Or has he?


Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 5 Batman Family TMNT Assemble
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This team-up between the Batman Family and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is the definition of hype leading into a big final issue.


Black Cat 4 Everyone Fears Invisible Woman
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No one commands more respect in the Marvel Universe than Sue Storm, aka Invisible Woman. Even Black Cat, a master thief, knows better than to steal from the Fantastic Four if Sue is in the building.


Captain Marvel 10 Star Reveals Her Secret
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Captain Marvel is learning the hard way what happens when a big heel turn happens out of nowhere from the person she least expected to steal her powers


Daredevil 11 Spider-Man Talks Superheroes With Detective North
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Detective North’s character arc from being the hardcore cop that has done everything by the book to questioning if the superhero community’s methods of crime fighting has been fascinating to watch. This meeting with Spider-Man further pushes that character arc into being one of the biggest storylines going right now.


DCeased A Good Day To Die 1 Mister Miracle Big Barda Final Moments Together
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No matter how dark things are or what the outcome Mister Miracle and Big Barda will always go out fighting together. 


Ghost-Spider 2 Gwen Stacy Learns About Man-Wolf Status Quo
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Gwen Stacy has very little luck with the supervillains she defeats as Spider-Gwen/Ghost Spider staying locked up. The world definitely seems against her. Good thing she is spending some time on Earth-616 now to have fun as a college student.


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After everything that happened during the Shattered Grid event it must have felt very cathartic for Jason Scott as the Red Mighty Morphin Power Ranger to defeat Lord Drakkon in a one-on-one fight in this sequence. 


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Being from different universes does not matter, Hal Jordan and Carol Ferris will always share a special bond.


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Though she has fallen more on the anti-hero side of things since getting elevated to one of DC Comics pillars, the company has not fully committed to Harley Quinn as a superhero. She’s tended to fight both superheroes and supervillains across her Harley Quinn solo series, as a member of the Suicide Squad and appearances in events. But now with Harley Quinn leading another film in the upcoming Birds of Prey movie it may be the time for DC Comics to fully commit to her being a superhero.


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This scene between Wolverine and Nightcrawler as they before they risk their lives to save the mutant race is by far one of the best scenes in X-Men history. Jonathan Hickman does a beautiful job encapsulating the deep friendship Wolverine and Nightcrawler share in this one conversation.


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As he has always done, Jonathan Hickman has taken the concept of Professor Xavier’s Cerebro helmet and has gone to the next level with it. The writing of the true purpose for Cerebro all just makes sense. 


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The Flash sure knows how to break the tension after the Justice Society of America introduce themselves by mentioning Shiera Hall’s name in front of Hawkman.


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Wonder Woman has maybe been spending a little too much time with Batman as she has now followed his lead in creating a room filled with magic-based trophies.


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Dayne sure knows how to make a name for himself by immediately defeating White Ranger Tommy Oliver in a one-on-one fight.


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Professor Xavier and Magneto are sure putting a lot of trust in Mr. Sinister by partnering up with one of the X-Men’s least trustworthy villain.


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Emma Frost will never make a deal that does not benefit her. Even when that deal is with Professor Xavier and Magneto. Those two quickly learn that in this negotiation with the White Queen.


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No Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle event would be complete without Leonardo and Raphael getting into a big argument.


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Black Widow is second to none when it comes to mixing efficiency and grace in a fight. This double page spread is just a spectacular showcase of that.


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Tim Drake’s possible new superhero name left a lot to be desired. That just means it is Brian Bendis job to put the name over as a superhero name on the level of Red Robin, Tim’s previous “graduate from Robin” name.

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