DC Comics May 2024 Comic Book Solicitations

Top Takeaways From DC Comics May 2024 Solicitations

After teasing a big event during Free Comic Book Day 2024 it does not appear that May will do anything to progress it. Maybe the teased big DC Comics event will happen in June to be a summer event. That or, the event could be much later like in the fall. Because of that for the month of May, the company looks to be heavily focusing on the Batman franchise to carry them. Let’s take a look at what are the big things coming from DC Comics based on their May 2024 comic book solicitations.


Nightwing #114 Cover
Daniel Sampere’s cover for Nightwing #114. Credit: DC Comics

One of my favorite comics in the last few years has been Nightwing. Tom Taylor and Bruno Redondo, along with other great artists, have done an incredible job elevating Nightwing to be one of DC Comics’ top-tier characters. It’s a spot that Nightwing should always be at after growing up from being the iconic sidekick to solo hero and leader who holds his own like his mentor, Batman.

Now we know starting with Nightwing #114 Taylor and Redondo will be working on their final story arc as the series creative team, titled “Fallen Grayson.” This final story will wrap up the Heartless Saga that Taylor and Redondo started their run with. Since the fall of Blockbuster, we’ve seen Heartless go into the background a bit. Circling back and wrapping up Heartless’ storyline is the best way to end things.


The Boy Wonder #1 Cover
Juni Ba’s cover for The Boy Wonder #1. Credit: DC Comics

It wasn’t going to be long before we got a new Robin series. The question was if the next time a Robin title was released was whether it would star Tim Drake or Damian Wayne. DC Comics has answered that question by announcing a new Damian Wayne-led Robin series, The Boy Wonder.

This is no surprise since Damian will no doubt be the Robin that DC Comics will push. Along with starring in Batman and Robin, Damian is set to be the Boy Wonder in the DC Universe live-action movie. While that movie is years away establishing Damian as The Robin right now is a smart call to get more stories published for that promotional cycle.

With this announcement, there is a bigger question of what, if any, plans are in the mix for Tim Drake. Tim appears to be lost in the shuffle, along with Stephanie Brown and Duke Thomas, right now. That does not seem to be improving with how DC dropped the ball with the recent Young Justice and Robin series attempts with Tim as the lead the last few years.


Outsiders #7 Cover
Roger Cruz’s cover for Outsiders #7. Credit: DC Comics

The Outsiders has not hit big as DC Comics likely intended. The series could change as a big death is being teased for The Outsiders #7. Given that both Batwoman is missing from the main cover the signs point to them. Though those would be obvious choices because of this. On the other hand, the death of Batwoman would give The Outsiders headlines that they have failed to gain sales.

At the same time, if Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly aren’t careful the teased death could backfire. We’ve seen plenty of times the wrong choice made for a simple sales bump. The Outsiders #7 has a make-or-break feeling with this story choice.


Batman #147 Cover
Jorge Jimenez’s cover for Batman #147. Credit: DC Comics

Batman of Zur-En-Arrh has been an absolute menace. They have taken everything from Bruce Wayne. Now that will include taking the Dynamic Duo name as Batman of Zur-En-Arrh seems to have found his partner. Based on the cover of Batman #147 this new Dynamic Duo will be facing off against Damian Wayne’s Robin.

However, the bigger question created by the cover of Batman #147 is how Amanda Waller will factor into this story. She may be the teased partner. That would work into Waller’s big plan to eliminate all of the DCU heroes. She could see what Batman of Zur-En-Arrh has accomplished as the best way to eliminate Bruce once and for all.


Action Comics #1065 Cover
Rafa Sandoval cover for Action Comics #1065. Credit: DC Comics

With Superman no longer doing things solo and working with the rest of his family it wouldn’t be surprising his villains would do the same. Brainiac shows this as he will be introducing the world to his partner, the Brainiac Queen. There now being two Brainiacs does make the whole House of Brainiac story have a more dark royalty vibe.

While a small note in the solicitation for Action Comics #1065 it is interesting that DC goes with Conner Kent rather than Superboy for the character’s name. They don’t do that for Kara as she is Supergirl. Like Tim Drake, Connor does appear to be a bit lost without a superhero identity. Being Superboy may not be in the cards with how Jon Kent surpassed him already and would make him look bad by keeping the Superboy monicker at the same age as Jon.


Green Lantern #11 Cover
Xermanico cover for Green Lantern #11. Credit: DC Comics

In the most recent issue of Green Lantern, we learned that the United Planets have created their own Lantern Corps. This new United Planets Lantern Corps can switch between the powers of the Emotional Spectrum. Thus far they only appear to wield the powers of the Green, Yellow, and Blue Lanterns. That could change as they get other Power Batteries.

This does create the question of whether the United Planets’ motives are for the good of the DC Universe or not. We see plenty of government entities lean to the dark side, especially the more power they accumulate. With how the United Planets are operating they could become the big threat for the DC Universe. It would give creative teams another option while continuing to have Amanda Waller be the more long-term play.