Torrent #3 Advance Review

Torrent #3 Advance Review

Michelle Metcalf’s life completely changed when her secret identity was revealed to her greatest villain. The hero known as Crackerjack, Michelle made a big decision after her clash with the said villain and saving her son. That decision will likely change the landscape of the superhero world of Torrent. The question is whether this will be positively or negatively received when word gets out about Michelle’s decision. Find out how things turn out with our advanced review of Torrent #3.


Writer: Marc Guggenheim

Artist: Justin Greenwood

Colorist: Rico Renzi

Letterer: Keith Wood


“Michelle Metcalf gave up the last thing she had to lose—her secret identity. But will taking that step be enough to get revenge on the man who killed her husband and kidnapped her son? Or will she have to go further? Spoiler alert: she’ll have to go further.” – Image Comics


As the solicitation teases Torrent #3 focuses on what happens when Michelle Metcalf reveals that she was the superhero Crackerjack at the end of the previous issue. The life Michelle previously knew is completely gone now. With that Torrent #3 explores what that means for Michelle, who built a whole life in and out of being a superhero.

Given the scope of this story Marc Guggenheim and Justin Greenwood are building Torrent to have more of an episodic structure. There is certainly the overarching narrative of Michelle dealing with getting her revenge on her nemesis, Skeleton. But rather than go with the typical three to six-issue comic book storytelling structure Guggenheim and Greenwood are taking more of a TV show approach.

This is seen with how much time is shown to pass in Torrent #3. Michelle goes through everything you would think someone would deal with after revealing their superhero identity. Guggenheim uses the passage of time to give weight to everything Michelle has been through and the ramifications of her choice.

Torrent #3 Cover by Justin Greenwood and Rico Renzi
Justin Greenwood and Rico Renzi cover for Torrent #3. Credit: Image Comics

Making Michelle’s arc in Torrent #3 strong is how Guggenheim adds real-world rules that don’t break this superhero reality. There are aspects that Michelle runs into that you would expect from whenever dealing with cops and lawyers. These realistic elements make Michelle’s decision in what direction she goes on as Crackerjack has greater weight. This leads to an ending where you are left wondering what it will mean for the future of the Torrent Universe.

Michelle’s arc is complimented by how Torrent #3 continues developing Skeleton as the series’s big bad. Guggenheim is giving Skeleton a Wilson Fisk Kingpin vibe. This type of persona works well with the story’s direction in this issue. Skeleton’s decisions lay the foundation for a larger mountain for Michelle to climb than she previously saw.

Greenwood and Rico Renzi’s artwork was solid as always. They work best in getting across the emotions Michelle and others are feeling at different moments in Torrent #3. This makes the entire narrative of the story have greater weight as the change in approach by Michelle as Crackerjack is something you understand.


Torrent #3 does an excellent job at showing the ramifications of a superhero revealing their identity come with a lot of complexities. Those complexities create a greater investment in Michelle Metcalf’s journey as her world has completely changed. If you are a superhero comic book fan make sure to pick up Torrent. It’s a can’t miss comic.

Story Rating: 9 Night Girls out of 10

Art Rating: 7 Night Girls out of 10

Overall Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10