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Ultimate X-Men #3 Review – Maystorm Origin Revealed!

Ultimate X-Men has been a pleasant surprise with a refreshing take on the X-Men franchise. Peach Momoko has gone away from the typical origin story that utilizes the core iconic X-Men we all know and love. Instead, Momoko has gone with the approach of having Armor be the lead character and introduce a new mutant in the form of Maystorm. Thus far we only have two Ultimate X-Men introduced. Will we get more mutants introduced in the latest issue? Let’s find out with Ultimate X-Men #3.


Writer & Artist: Peach Momoko

Script Adaptation: Zack Davisson

Letterer: Travis Lanham


“THE MYSTERIOUS MAYSTORM, REVEALED! Maystorm’s origin! Mei Igarashi was a regular girl until she discovered her unusual abilities and her hair changed from brown to white… And how she came to idolize a mysterious freedom fighter in Africa who also harnesses the power of the storm!” – Marvel Comics


For those impatient who want to see the full team already formed Ultimate X-Men #3 is not going to be for you. But that is honestly where the magic of Ultimate X-Men has been in these first three issues. Peach Momoko is making sure to take her time to develop a brand new take on the X-Men franchise that is separating Ultimate X-Me from the its core Marvel Universe counterpart.

Taking a more methodical approach to Ultimate X-Men is the best choice for the character and world building. Hisako Ichiki and Mei Igarashi have firmly been established as the leads for this series. Just as important is developing the world around them. We are in an Ultimate Universe where thanks to The Makers machinations mutants and superpowers aren’t common. While the world leaders know about them the rest of the world is not fully aware of all of that.

That is seen here in Ultimate X-Men #3 with how Momoko approaches handling a classic mutant trope of Mei Igarashi powers manifesting. Her unsupportive and abusive homelife becoming a trigger for Mei weather powers to activate is something we’ve seen many times before in the X-Men franchise. What made Mei’s mutant power manifestation work is how it was done.

Maystorm Ultimate X-Men #3
Mei Igarashi first time using her storm control powers before she became Maystorm in Ultimate X-Men #3. Credit: Marvel Comics

Momoko artwork really got over how scary of a thing this could be with how Mei’s weather powers tore apart her family home. The double-page splash shot of this moment hit on sudden this manifestation is. Mei’s fathers emotionless reaction when immediately kicking her out quickly worked to how we saw him being an abusive asshole before this. The origin as a whole works to make Mei a character that you not only care about but also the fan favorite of this series thus far.

Mei’s origin also further builds up the villain of this story, which continues to invoke Shadow King elements. This version of Shadow King continues to invoke Japanese horror elements in the best way. The entire presentation of Shadow King’s human and shadowy form adds to how much fear the character invokes. This also plays into the bigger mystery of what Shadow King’s motives are about.

With Mei taking the lead of Ultimate X-Men #3 Hisako doesn’t get the same amount of attention she got in the previous two issues. Other than the opening flashback scene Hisako is experiencing Mei’s origin story along with us as Mei tells her story. What we do get from the brief flashback does appear to work into the greater Shadow King. Though this opening isn’t as effective in putting over Shadow King as Mei’s relation to the character was in her extended flashback.

The ending with Nico Minoru making her debut does indicate that the next issue will go more into the mutant world of the Ultimate Universe. Nico immediately recognizing Hisako and Mei as mutants was a solid hook. Though it wasn’t as effective as the previous two issues as the way it was done felt forced, which seemed to be the intention.


Ultimate X-Men #3 continues the great world building through the reveal of Mei Igarashi’s origin story of how she became Maystorm. The other plot beats aren’t as successful but Momoko does enough with Mei’s origin to keep your attention to want to read where the story will go next. It helps that the artwork continues to be excellent, with a lot of jaw dropping visuals throughout this issue.

Story Rating: 7 Night Girls out of 10

Art Rating: 9 Night Girls out of 10

Overall Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10

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