The Week Begins – August 10th 2009

We’ve got a big week for comics, the Ultimate Relaunch, Blackest Night keeps on trucking. There where some comics I wanted to comment on (Batgirl #1, Adventure Comics #1, Green Lantern Corps) but I’d just be repeating “I’m tempted to check it out but I won’t”

Ultimate Comics Spider-man #1 *Most Anticipated* Written: Brian Bendis Art: David Lafuente You all knew it was coming. How could I not be anticipating this? It’s Bendis and Lafuente, together again for the 2nd time on what’s looking to be an incredible Relaunch. I’ve said all I need to say really when I say that I can’t wait to check this book out. Though I guess I could scratch up a bit more to say.

I really hope that Bendis gives us lots of page time for the supporting cast, I miss those guys so much. They got a few pages in Ultimatum then disappeared just like that. So hopefully Bendis will use this debut issue to let us set in again and get comfortable.

Blackest Night #2 Written: Geoff Johns Art: Ivan Reis Well we’re 2 issues in, I give this comic one more issue before DC decides to bring on a back up artist. Okay seriously, I’m joking. I’m really excited to see this issue. By the end of #1 Johns had me excited for more and I can’t wait to pick this issue up. Though I do share the concerns that I hope Johns focuses on more than just earth, that we do see this famed War of Light that has been so long in the making.

Ultimate Comics Avengers #1 Written: Mark Millar Art: Carlos Pacheco All right, confession time, I didn’t like Millar’s Ultimates 1 and 2. I tried reading through them a bit at a book store and I found them boring and uninteresting. I know a lot of people loved that run but I wasn’t very impressed. I also didn’t like Hitch’s art more, I certainly liked Joe Mad’s art more on Ultimates 3. I thought Millar did a much better job on Ultimate Fantastic Four then he ever did on the Ultimates.

’ve seen the preview, read interviews and I must say I am excited to check this out. Sure I don’t have incredibly high expectations like everybody else no doubt has but I’m still excited to see if Millar can hook me like he did with Old Man Logan. I am especially interested to see how he handles the Ultimate Red Skull.

Pacheco on art is another plus. I feel he was done a great disservice on Final Crisis as being brought on as a simple back up artist. He’s so much better than that, he deserves a lot more. So a job like this is just what he needs to remind the world why he’s an all star artist. I’m sure his work here will be amazing.

Though overall I won’t be too surprised if this first issue doesn’t impress me. Millar is a very hit and miss writer for me. Love Old Man Logan, didn’t like Wanted. I think he’s a good writer still. Hopefully he can finally win me over with Ultimate Avengers.

The Amazing Spider-man #602 Written: Fred Van Lente Art: Barry Kitson After a good issue last time, the preview doesn’t get my hopes up much. I’ve never liked the Chameleon as a villain and I don’t think anything Van Lente does, hard as he may try, will make him as credible as he used to be. After appearing in the Obama back up, that just killed anything that might hint at him being a real opposing threat.

Still I’m going to pick this up. Also really confused as to why Waid and Alberti aren’t writing this whole arc. It’s really annoying to have a story arc with different creative teams shifting. Can really put a reader off. Hopefully Van Lente will do a good job though.

This issue is probably going to focus more on MJ and I’m happy for it. As long as we get another OMD free read, I’ll be a happy customer and I hope she and Peter interact finally.

Blackest Night: Batman #1 Written: Peter Tomasi Art: Adrian Saef At 2.99 and only 3 issues this mini seems promising enough. I may pick it up, but one thing that does put me off is the art. It doesn’t look bad in any way, but it doesn’t look all that great either. Still I’ve heard nothing but good things about Tomasi and I figure that since I’m not reading Green Lantern Corps this would be a good start. Still it’s in the air if I pick it up or not at the shop on Wednesday.


  1. Wow. I couldn't disagree more about the Chameleon. I think the preview was so creepy, it erased that awful Obama backup from my memory. The wall full of masks, the glue gun and the tub of acid made him look more like a Batman villain than a Spider-man rogue.

    I think you should pick up Tomasi's BN Batman. He had a great run in Nightwing, so he clearly knows Dick Grayson, perhaps even more than Morrison or Winick.

    Certainly hope to see how Bendis and Millar put Humpty Dumpty -I mean, the Ultimate Universe- back together again.

    "The Horrible Event That Is Not To Be Named Anymore" is the best description for… hum… that.

  2. I'm very excited about this week. Ultimate Avengers feels like I'm waiting for a big blockbuster movie, if all the hype about the book is true.

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