The Week Begins – June 29th 2009

Sorry for the lack of Week’s or Month’s End. I got so few of the comics this month/the last 2 weeks that I thought it would be unfair to do them. Also July is such an epic month, I doubt I could really settle on just one book of the month that I’m most excited to read. So yeah, apologies out of the way, let’s get to the comics this week.

We’ve got a lot coming in this week, 3 major titles from Image all looking to be excellent reads. Of course Marvel and DC still have plenty going for them as usual.

Spawn #193 *Most Anticipated*

Writer: Todd McFarlane
Art: Greg Capullo

Sometimes decisions are just too easy. Seriously, this looks to be incredible. For those who haven’t been longtime Spawn followers let me explain something to you about the return of artist Greg Capullo. Like Steve Ditko to Spider-Man and Jack Kirby to Fantastic Four, Capullo set the artist standard for Spawn. Sure McFarlane was awesome at first, and Capullo’s first year or so was a little rough.  But, by the end of Capullo’s run with #100 he had turned in some of the best work the comic book industry has ever seen. Capullo is a legend among Spawn fans and his long awaited return for this one issue promises to be awesome.

Sadly it seems Capullo’s return did come at a price last time with #192 pretty much just being setting the stage for #193 which is disappointing. But if McFarlane can make it worthwhile and turn in the awesome read I’m expecting this month then I can let it go.

Witchblade #128

Writer: Ron Marz
Art: Stjepan Sejic

Believe me if not for Spawn coming out this week this easily would have stolen the Most Anticipated. As I mentioned in May’s Month’s End, Sarah just got a freaking spear through the chest and from the looks of the preview she’s not getting up. Is she really dead? Ron Marz is a ballsy writer when it comes to Witchblade and he may actually have done it, kill the character that’s been there since day 1.

As someone who’s come to love the book I’m hoping Sarah survives, but seeing as she isn’t’ getting up, blood still pouring out her chest and all that I’m going to call the tombstone guy and have him get one ready.

War of the Witchblades really got awesome last time and I have high hopes that it will get even better.

Savage Dragon #150

Writer and Artist: Erik Larsen

I love that cover, as if 5.99 is a deal in this market. I can’t really blame Larsen though for upping the price, not only is it a big mile-stone issue (nowadays those seem to be pretty popular) but he’s stuffing the comic with 100 pages. Originally only to have 64 but now he’s added 36 but didn’t jack up the price more so I am thankful for that.

Truth be told I’m not the biggest Dragon Nut so I’ve never really gone too far back into his history. So I have no idea who Overlord is. A lot of Dragon Fans have said he’s Dragon’s biggest nemesis. I always figured that was his sales figures (burn!) but oh well.

Savage Dragon has been one of the most consistently good comics out there and this looks to be another great read from Larsen.

Batman and Robin #2

Writer: Grant Morrison
Art: Frank Quietly

After a stellar debut issue I can’t help but wonder if this opening arc will be as good as the future storylines. Morrison is often good at making the ride to the end of the story entertaining enough but I’m just not sure. Still I was highly impressed with the first issue so I can’t see why this issue wouldn’t be good as well. I just hope we get a lot more interaction between the new Dynamic Duo on the field.

Captain America Reborn #1

Writer: Ed Brubaker
Art: Bryan Hitch and Butch Guice

Another great looking book this week. Going to be reading this in hopes that Brubaker can bring Steve Rogers back right. Though from the sounds of it his Rebirth is just one small aspect of a larger plotline so I look forward to seeing what we get here. My only worry is that this will be a boring fist issue that suffers from the “set up the plot, introduce the character and do nothing more” syndrome that plagues so many first issues nowadays.

Destroyer #4

Writer: Robert Kirkman
Art: Cory Walker

Is…the…collection…out…yet?! Okay, okay. Time to mention that Kirkman proved me wrong. Somehow, by the grace of the comic gods, Kirkman went an entire issue without killing off Destroyer’s daughter. Sure Destroyer killed everything else last time, but his daughter survived. With an awesome twist of Scar’s death, this issue is probably going to be even ten times better. Rokk, hurry up and review this!

Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth #1

Writer: Victor Gischler
Art: Bong Dazo

At first I thought this could be a cool parallel to the awesome Daniel Way (did I just use those 3 words together?) Deadpool ongoing. But looking at the preview, it looks like it’s going to be the exact same thing just with a different storyline. What a huge disappointment seeing as if Deadpool could handle 2 ongoings and they both differed greatly but where strong then that would have been great.

This book is also seemingly lacking in any big names which is a little sad. I would love to see Joe Kelly writing this or Craig Kyle/Chris Yost. Oh well, this still may be good. It’s tying in to Marvel Zombies 4…sort of and I love me some Zombies. If I hear good things about it I’ll pick up the collection.

Marvel Divas #1

Writer: Roberto Acquire-Sacasa
Art: Tonci Zonjic

I admit that at times I’ve enjoyed Romantic Comedies. Their far from my favorite genre, but if done right they can turn in some seriously enjoyable stuff. Marvel Divas looks like a Romantic Comedy had a one-night stand with an awesome Super-Hero flick and 2 weeks later the Romantic Comedy is pregnant. (just saying “had a baby” was getting too old) so yeah this actually looks pretty good from the preview.

I do hate the title and the solicitation about sudsy fun makes me want to gag. Though it’s the old saying of not to judge a book by it’s cover and for that I think this could be an awesome book. If I could afford it, and then after Destroyer, I would pick it up but for now it’s on the collection wait list.

Uncanny X-Men #513

Writer: Matt Fraction
Art: Terry Dodson

I must admit the first chapter of Utopia impressed me. I’m far from happy about what Emma is doing but damned if Fraction didn’t kick things off right. Also I love the cover designs for Utopia, similar to Messiah Complex it works very well and looks cool.

Now as for this issue, I’m mostly anticipating Dodson’s art but from the looks of it he doesn’t have a good handle on the Dark Avengers. Especially Venom. Though hopefully it will be a minor problem as I’m now actually really anticipating this issue.

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