Weekly Awards for Comic Books From November 29, 2007

All right, it is time for the debut of The Revolution’s Weekly Awards. The Che is awarded to the issue that is the best read of the week. The nominees for The Che are:

Supergirl and the Legion of Super Heroes #36
Teen Titans #53
Daredevil #102
X-Men #205

The Winner: X-Men #205. That’s right, Carey’s X-Men snags the first Che award to be given out by The Revolution. And I’m sure that is quite the surprise given how generally unimpressed The Revolution has been with Carey’s efforts over on X-Men.

Supergirl and the Legion of Super Heroes #36 was an extremely pivotal issue as we finally dump Supergirl off this title. However, the issue simply wasn’t good enough on its own merits to warrant The Che.

Teen Titans #53 was a fun read. McKeever is pulling out all the stops in order to give this Titans Future story arc a real wild finish. This issue had plenty of action and drama. The only downside to this issue is that it seemed a bit too hurried and rushed to me.

Daredevil #102 was wonderfully written. From a technical standpoint, Daredevil was the best written issue of the week. Brubaker treats his comic books like they are novels. The dialogue and story are incredibly well crafted. But, it was a slow issue and not that much terribly exciting happened. It lacked that something special that is necessary to win The Che.

So, X-Men #205 is the recipient of The Che for this week. The fact is that Messiah Complex is a wildly entertaining story with tons of twists and turns. And Carey kept them coming at the reader with X-Men #205. Marvel has done a good job giving Messiah Complex that feeling that just about anything can happen during this story.

The ending to X-Men #205 is what really made it a special read. I was surprised when we learned that neither the Marauders nor the Purifiers have the mutant baby. I was even more surprised when we learned that it was in fact one of the X-Men’s own who has the baby. And then even further surprised when it was revealed to be the previously thought to be deceased Cable who has the mutant baby. Well played.

And now we get ready to hand out our first ever Sequential Methadone Award for the worst issue of the week. The nominees for the Sequential Methadone Award are:

Countdown to Final Crisis #22
Trials of Shazam #10
Sensational Spider-Man #41

The Winner: Sensational Spider-Man #41. Yup, JMS gagged up a real stinker with this issue and certainly and rightfully deserves to receive The Revolution’s first ever Sequential Methadone Award for a truly wretched issue.

Now, to be sure, all the nominees stunk up the joint this week. Countdown to Final Crisis #22 continues the downward trend of this title. It is amazing how much worse this title gets with each passing week.

Trials of Shazam #10 was a pathetic read. Winick continues to fail to impress me with his uninteresting and rather cheesy re-imagining of the Shazam universe. Why Dan Didio ever entrusted a talent with such meager talents as Winick with the task of re-imagining the Shazam universe is completely beyond me.

However, as bad as those two issues were, they were nothing compared to the cesspool of an issue that JMS belched forth in Sensational Spider-Man #41. Not only was it a slow, plodding and utterly boring read, but it also gave the reader a truly moronic ending. Mephisto appearing at the end to offer to save Aunt May’s life in return for MJ and Peter’s marriage. Evidently, the devil no longer wants souls. That is so yesterday. No, he needs new sources of sorrow, like taking MJ and Peter’s marriage.

This is the most flimsy, poorly constructed, idiotic and transparent effort to remove Peter and MJ’s marriage just because Joey Q doesn’t like it. Oh yeah, and to top it all off, you get plenty of JMS’ overwrought and overly dramatic dialogue.

So, congrats to X-Men #205 for winning The Che and congrats to Sensational Spider-Man #41 for winning the Sequential Methadone Award!

3 thoughts on “Weekly Awards for Comic Books From November 29, 2007

  1. According to several different places I’ve read (I don’t have the direct link, but it’s on Newsarama and other places), JMS posted some interesting commentary on OMD, where he basically flat out said that it’s an editorially mandated storyline he doesn’t agree with.

    He certainly has self-interest in mind with such comments, but they ring true when you consider how much JMS did to revitalize the MJ/Peter marriage (after previous attempts to distance them) compared to Quesada’s repeated complaints about the marriage.

    Either way, interesting stuff.

  2. I disagree with your first choice, but do on the others. Legion was such a nice suprise, that I’d give it the award for simply not sucking and looking as good as it did.

  3. He is the only person obsessed with tearing apart MJ and Peter.

    In terms of fans, that’s probably true, for the most part (Newsarama had maybe 25-30% in one poll who outright prefered Spidey single), but Quesada is just one of many creators who’ve said they want to get rid of the marriage to MJ, including at least one former EIC (Bob Harras) and Alex Ross (of course, he’s stuck in 1978, for the most part). The “Clone Saga” was undertaken with the purpose of swapping married Spidey for swingin’ single Ben Reilly. Mackie (I believe it was) killed her off in that plane explosion for a while. I’m a strong supporter of Spidey/MJ, myself, but there’s been a consistent cabal of creators lined up against the idea almost from day one (although Stan Lee is an enthusiastic fan, having married the two in the Spider-Man newspaper strip that he writes before they were married in the comics).

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