Weekly Awards For The Comic Books From July 10, 2008

The Followers of The Revolution voted for Final Crisis: Requiem #1 to win The Che for the best comic book of the week. I was not surprised that Final Crisis: Requiem #1 won this poll. Nor was I surprised by Booster Gold #1,000,000 strong showing. I was, on the other hand, completely stunned that Invincible Iron man #3 grabbed third place. Wow. I did not find that issue to be anything more than deserving of maybe 6 or 7 Night Girls out of 10. The results for best read of the week were as follows:

Final Crisis: Requiem #1: 26% (24 votes)
Booster Gold #1,000,000: 20% (18 votes)
Invincible Iron Man #3: 14% (13 votes)
Secret Invasion #4: 8% (8 votes)
Justice Society of America #17: 7% (7 votes)
Guardians of the Galaxy #3: 5% (5 votes)
Action Comics #867: 3% (3 votes)
Detective Comics #846: 3% (3 votes)
Trinity #6: 4% (4 votes)
Amazing Spider-Man: #565: 1% (1 vote)
Captain America: White #0: 1% (1 vote)
Eternals #2: 1% (1 vote)
Nova #15: 1% (1 vote)

The Followers of The Revolution voted for Secret Invasion #4 to win the Sequential Methadone Award for the worst comic book of the week. I am glad to see that I am not crazy in my belief that Secret Invasion is a poorly crafted story. And the fact that Secret Invasion #4 was able to beat out a perennial winner in Amazing Spider-Man is surprising. The results for the worst read of the week are as follows:

Secret Invasion #4: 28% (20 votes)
Amazing Spider-Man #565: 17% (12 votes)
Trinity #6: 10% (7 votes)
Ultimate Origins #2: 10% (7 votes)
Invincible Iron Man #3: 7% (5 votes)
Nova #15: 7% (5 votes)
Final Crisis: Requiem #1: 4% (3 votes)
Detective Comics #846: 2% (2 votes)
Eternals #2: 2% (2 votes)
Guardians of the Galaxy #3: 1% (1 vote)
Justice Society of America #17: 1% (1 vote)

All right, let’s go ahead and dish out The Revolution’s weekly awards.
The nominees for the Che for the best read of the week:

Action Comics #867
Booster Gold #1,000,000
Final Crisis: Requiem #1
Guardians of the Galaxy #3
Justice Society of America #17

The Winner: Final Crisis: Requiem #1

Action Comics #867 was a great read. Johns continues to dish out strong reads on this title. I am completely hooked by this Brainiac story arc. I love how Johns is massaging all the different versions of Brainiac that we have gotten over the years into one cohesive character. Johns continues to demonstrate great talent at world building and is a master at ironing out continuity glitches.

Booster Gold #1,000,000 was a quality issue. However, I found this issue to be a bit anti-climactic considering the excellent issues that Johns and Katz had been giving us on this title. Therefore, Booster Gold #1,000,000 simply fell short of being worthy of The Che.

I felt a bit cheated by the ending. That the entire story involving Ted was just a lesson for Booster to learn that he cannot change the past. C’mon, didn’t we already learn this lesson when we saw Booster fail over and over again to save Batgirl? And while Ted cannot be saved from death since it happened in the “past” evidently you can change the future and save Booster’s sister from death. Huh? Isn’t the future of our time period just the past of another time period even farther down the time stream? Sometimes I just hate time travel stories.

The return of Booster Gold’s sister did absolutely nothing for me at all. I find her to be a highly annoying character. The teaser scene with someone entering Ted Kord’s hangar where he stores the Blue Beetle ship did nothing for me, either. After Johns and Katz screwed with the reader about the possibility of returning Ted Kord, I will never get my hopes up again that DC will bring Ted back.

I really enjoyed Guardians of the Galaxy #3. DnA continue to rock out on this new title. This was an issue that moved at a fast paced, but was never rushed. DnA treat the reader to tons of action and excitement. Yet, they also crank out quality dialogue and solid character work. Also, the real magic of this title is the insane amounts of intriguing plotlines that DnA have managed to put into place in such an incredibly short period of time. Guardians of the Galaxy #3 was a balanced issue. I strongly recommend giving this title a try.

Justice Society of America #17 was another strong read as we begin to learn a little bit more about Gog and his plans for Earth. I praised this issue enough in my review. Suffice it to say that this issue combines a well written story with some gorgeous artwork.

However, I had to agree with the followers of The Revolution this week and went ahead and gave the Che for best read of the week to Final Crisis: Requiem #1. I lavished an unusually high score on this issue in my review. The Revolution very rarely dishes out 10 Night Girls. Final Crisis: Requiem #1 was simply a beautiful and emotional read. At this moment, it is leading the pack for the annual Che award for the best comic book of the year.

And now the nominees for the Sequential Methadone Award for the worst read of the week:

Amazing Spider-Man #565
Secret Invasion #4

The Winner: Secret Invasion #4

Damn, you know you are a pathetic read when you beat out an issue of Amazing Spider-Man for the Sequential Methadone Award. Once again, I had to agree with the followers of The Revolution and award the Sequential Methadone Award of the week to Secret Invasion #4.

Amazing Spider-Man #565 was another lousy read. However, that has come to be expected. You know when you purchase an issue of Amazing Spider-Man that you are going to get a thin story, 1960’s dialogue and zero character work.

On the other hand, Secret Invasion is Marvel’s baby. This is the big event title. I expect higher quality work on a big event title like Secret Invasion than I do from a crummy title like Amazing Spider-Man. I have already completely skewered Secret Invasion #4 for the atrociously written excuse of a story that it is. Piling on anymore would just be akin to kicking a person when they are down.

So congrats to Final Crisis: Requiem #1 for winning the Che for the week and congrats to Secret Invasion #4 for winning the Sequential Methadone Award for the week.

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  1. Sorry to see that Booster Gold 1,000,000 didn’t do much for you. I’ve heard that they wanted to make it more apparent what happened to Ted by the editors wanted the mystery angle. But I do see where you’re coming from.

    I did forget about Ted for a moment when the Batman/Booster scene came into play. I really hope the future writers don’t forget it.

    As for Michelle, she did come off a little more Mary Marvel than she was written in the past. Have you read the old series? She stood up to her brother more and actually quipped him.

    You do have me tempted to get FCR#1 though.

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