Weekly Awards For The Comic Books From February 20, 2008

Let’s go ahead and dish out The Revolution’s weekly awards.

The nominees for the Che for the best read of the week:

Iron Man: Director of SHIELD #26
Justice League of America #18
Mighty Avengers #9
Superman/Batman #46

The Winner: Iron Man: Director of SHIELD #26

This week had several very entertaining reads. Justice League of America #18 and Mighty Avengers #9 were both pleasant surprises as both issues delivered enjoyable and fun reads this week. Both issues were fast reads that offered a delightful bit of escapism.

I also really enjoyed Superman/Batman #46. This issue was a great read. I found Superman’s reaction to the magic Kryptonite hilarious. It was humorous seeing the Man of Steel acting like he had taken several massive bong hits. Superman’s bad case of the munchies was perfect.

This issue also gave us a neat little character study on Batman. We get a nice glimpse into Batman’s dismissal and dislike of anything magic. We also get to see the Batman/Zatanna relationship that Dini created over in Detective Comics fleshed out a bit more. I like that when Batman is tempted with living in a perfect world that he envisions himself with Zatanna. I have to say that I actually dig the idea of Batman with Zatanna. They are different enough that they would make for an entertaining couple.

In the end, I had to award the Che to Iron Man: Director of SHIELD #26. The Knaufs continue to amaze me with what they are doing on this title. The dramatic showdown between Iron Man and the Mandarin was well orchestrated. The dramatic finish to this issue with Tony ordering the use of a nuclear weapon in order to destroy the Mandarin and his facility was adrenaline pumping. Plus, this ending continues the Knaufs deep commitment to portraying Tony as a hero who will willingly sacrifice his own life without hesitation in order to protect the innocent.

And now the nominees for the Sequential Methadone Award for the worst read of the week:

Ultimates 3 #3
Wolverine: Origins #22

The Winner: Ultimates 3 #3

Wolverine: Origins #22 continues to be a complete and total train wreck of a read. Of course, the good thing is that Way is slated to exit this title soon. Even though I’d much rather see this title cancelled and Wolverine lose his memory, we all know that isn’t going to happen. So, the next best thing is to replace Way on this title and hope that we finally get some well crafted stories.

Of course, I felt compelled to give the Sequential Methadone Award to Ultimates 3 #3.

Between Loeb’s handling of the Ultimates and Bendis’ writing on New Avengers, it is a tough time for the Avengers franchise in both the 616 and Ultimate universes. I have already hammered this title in my review so I don’t need to do it once again.

So congrats to Iron Man: Director of SHIELD #26 for winning the Che for the week and congrats to Ultimates 3 #3 for winning the Sequential Methadone Award of the week.


  1. Totally agree with Ultimates #3. Luckily for Marvel it’s only 2 issues to go so I’ll just pick up the rest.

  2. I was also a big fan of the latest Superman/Batman; it was just a fun issue, and nothing beats discovering new forms of kryptonite to torment Superman with! The idea of Zatanna and Batman as a couple has occurred to me before, and I admit it tickles me pink. I think what they both have in common as people is an inherent curiosity–although Batman channels it into detective work and Zatanna is all for investigating the supernatural. And it’s pretty clear that although Zatanna definitely respects Batman, she’s not afraid of him, which is important in any Bat-babe. But the idea of Batman being in any kind of stable relationship is so unnatural that I have to say that pairing him with anyone would be kind of “icky.” Someday, maybe…

  3. Yeah, i know its a little late but, i just wanted to comment on Wolverine origins. Being someone who was a big fan of the cable/deadpool series, i am pretty concerned by the fact that Way pretty much just did this deadpool story to boost sales. Deadpool is portrayed as completely insane whereas in cable/deadpool, he not only had some vestiges of sanity, he was struggling hard to be a better person. it seems that Way is just putting forth a caricature of the character i know and love. Also, very troubled that Way is doing his own deadpool comic if this is how he is gonna treat the character.

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