Black Panther #2, Tales Of The Titans #1, Power Rangers Unlimited: Hyperforce

Weekly Comic Book Reviews For 7/19/23

Welcome back to another week of comic book reviews. This was a particularly packed comic book release week for my pull list. You can check out my full reviews with spoilers on Blade #1, Hawkgirl #1, and Void Rivals #2 in their own dedicated posts. On this week’s review round-up the spotlight is going to be on Black Panther #2, Power Rangers Unlimited: Hyperforce, and Tales of the Titans #1. Find out how these comics turned out below.

Black Panther #2 Taurin Clarke CoverBLACK PANTHER #2


Writer: Eve L. Ewing

Artist: Chris Allen

Inker: Craig Yeung

Colorist: Jesus Aburtov

Letterer: Joe Sabino


When Eve Ewing and Chris Allen picked up Black Panther they were in a spot where they could not simply give T’Challa a fresh start. To much has gone on in Wakanda to ignore continuity, especially when it comes to T’Challa’s standing as a now exiled king. To Ewing and Allen’s credit they are using this status quo to expand on Wakanda beyond its capital city as we see with Black Panther #2.

Building on the first issue Black Panther #2 starts showing us how T’Challa can continue operating without always being in his superhero costume. It was a very necessary act that helps to establish how even in exile T’Challa isn’t completely cut off from all of his resources. In particular, having Shuri still be present in T’Challa’s life is a smart call. Out of everyone in his life Shuri is someone who can still have her connection with her brother without drawing attention to them still being in communication. In the few interactions they have here Ewing does a great job at showing the sibling chemistry T’Challa and Shuri have.

On the bigger picture front Ewing does a great job at developing Birnin T’Chaka as a city that has its own unique atmosphere that separates itself from Wakanda’s capital city. There are a lot of unique personalities highlighted by the new antagonist that Black Panther clashes with in Beisa. The brief fight Black Panther and Beisa got into was a good tease of a future bigger fight or how they could compliment each other. Adding in how Deathlok also appears to be set-up as the major antagonist for this first story arc there are questions created for how Beisa relates to this as well.


Black Panther #2 improves on everything established in the debut issue. T’Challa’s new status quo is further developed to make how he operates in his new city to have cool espionage elements. Add in how well developed Beisa and Deathlok are put over as antagonists Eve Ewing and Chris Allen are building something special with their run.

Story Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10

Art Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10

Overall Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10

Power Rangers Unlimited: Hyperforce #1 Keyla Valerio CoverPOWER RANGERS UNLIMITED: HYPERFORCE #1


Writer: Melissa Flores and Meghan Camarena

Artist: Federico Sabbatini

Colorist: Bryan Valenza

Letterer: Ed Dukeshire


As someone did not watch their Twitch RPG show it did take Power Rangers Unlimited: Hyperforce time to get momentum. The lack of familiarity with the Hyperforce Power Rangers made took time to get invested in this story. While the quick recap at the beginning of the issue was helpful there is a lot of character and plot points that needed the development time to fully get behind. Which is where Power Rangers Unlimited: Hyperforce being an oversized issue was a big benefit to this story.

Because of how we were dropped in middle of Chloe Ashford, the Pink Hyperforce Ranger, ongoing character arc it did paint this issue as being made for only Hyperforce fans. That is not a bad thing because those are likely the ones who will pick up Power Rangers Unlimited: Hyperforce. And to Melissa Flores and Mghan Camarena once we get past the opening the story finds its grove with the character interactions telling more of the story so this is not a niche story.

Where things really picked up for Power Rangers Unlimited: Hyperforce was when Mistress Vile is made more a part of the narrative. While she does not physically appear, having the mention of Mistress Vile and Dark Specter being involved in why the villain of this story is doing there’s an immediate interest created. This is where we get the bigger picture of what this latest Power Rangers Unlimited one-shot is bringing to the table as we are about to begin the Darkest Hour event. The mention of timelines and alternate universe being in play adds to how Darkest Hour is being set up to hit the scope of Shattered Grid. Its an element that, like with the Coinless Universe, makes the role the Hyperforce Rangers play in Darkest Hour be something you look forward to.

For as much as I lacked familiarity with the Hyperforce Rangers Federico Sabbatini did a good job making them cool. Chloe was the obvious standout with Sabbatini doing a kick ass job with her Battllizer when she fought the Gold Hyperforce Ranger. That carried into all the other action we got as Sabbatini got over how the Hyperforce Rangers are a strong team. The artwork certainly carried the beginning of the issue.


Power Rangers Unlimited: Hyperforce took some time to get momentum due to how it drops us in the middle of an ongoing story. Once Melissa Flores, Meghan Camarena, and Federico Sabbatini were able to fully put over the stakes this one-shot had a lot of great developments. The ties to Mistress Vile and the upcoming Darkest Hour event creates a lot of interest in the future of the Hyperforce Rangers. Creating that interest makes Power Rangers Unlimited: Hyperforce a big win.

Story Rating: 7 Night Girls out of 10

Art Rating: 7 Night Girls out of 10

Overall Rating: 7 Night Girls out of 10

Tales Of The Titans #1 Nicola Scott CoverTALES OF THE TITANS #1


Writer: Shannon Hale and Dean Hale

Artist: Javier Rodriguez

Letterer: Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou


Starfire has never really gotten a chance to shine beyond one short-live solo series in 2015. Even when she was part of the Justice League Odyssey team or the Headmistress of Titans Academy DC Comics has never committed to elevating Starfire. Instead, any focus on Starfire has been on the on-and-off relationship she has historically had with Dick Grayson, including in the recent Titans Academy. Because of all that Starfire being the first to get the spotlight in the new Tales of the Titans mini-series was so refreshing.

What immediately stands out with Tales of the Titans #1 is how Shannon and Dean Hale maximize the time given to tell a full story arc that has multiple layers with how Starfire is developed. In this one issue we get a spotlight on Starfire’s strong friendship with Donna Troy, her big sister-little brother relationship with Beast Boy, why she feels such strong emotions, and her Tamaraneans ties. We get everything you can ask for from developing Starfire as both a standalone and member of the Titans.

For jammed packed as this one-shot is it never feels rushed. The Hales make sure to give every character beat on Starfire time to both make new readers fans of her character and further develop her character in positive ways long-time fans can appreciate. Everything works in compliment of one another. In the process the Hales not only show what makes Starfire such a great character but also give an example of how DC Comics can do so much more with her character. In particular, how Starfire can add a lot when it comes to exploring the cosmic side of the DC Universe.

Adding to how wonderful Tales of the Titans #1 is the artwork by Javier Rodriguez. Rodriguez does an excellent job enhancing Starfire’s character arc with how her expressions complement her dialogue and interactions with others. There is even a Saturday morning cartoon vibe to the artwork that is fitting since the most well-known version of Starfire is from the two Teen Titans animated series.


Tales of the Titans #1 accomplishes everything you can ask for from a spotlight of Starfire. Shannon and Dean Hale and Javier Rodriguez maximize the time given to tell a wonderful story that highlights what makes Starfire a great character. Both as a Titan and solo hero there is a lot of great moments throughout this one-shot. An excellent way to kick off the Tales of the Titans series.

Story Rating: 9 Night Girls out of 10

Art Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10

Overall Rating: 8.5 Night Girls out of 10