Week’s End – December 6th 2009

A small week but still some great comics to look back on for this week of December. So let’s set the candy canes aside for now and look back at this week.
Spoilers for Haunt #3 and Jonah Hex #50
Comic of the Week: Haunt #3

There where some great reads this week but Haunt wins mostly for a really powerful moment that just really impressed me. More on that moment just down but it really impressed me and made what was a fairly simple issue great.
Kirkman gave us a few answers here, like that Kurt’s murder was an inside job and we also get a view of our big villain who was behind it all. Pretty exciting and cool stuff for the series to move on into with the future and just an excellent read. Also some damn good art on top of it all.
Moments of the Week: Kurt ruined Daniel’s life, Jonah Hex is awesome and Hex baby.

This is that big emotional moment I was telling you all about, where Daniel finds out that Kurt cheated on Amanda and we finally find out that Daniel and Amanda where indeed together but Kurt stole her from him. Ouch. Stealing a friend’s girl is one thing ,but your brother? OUCH. Guess Kurt isn’t the great guy we thought ht was.
This moment was great for it’s emotion and how Kirkman has now flipped the reader’s perception on the characters. We originally weren’t to like Daniel, the bad mouth whore loving priest and we where supposed to like Kurt the CIA killing machine who seemed really nice. Turns out Kurt isn’t as great as he seems.
Kirkman reaches a new emotional level with the story and really makes us feel for this character and puts us in his place and it’s an amazing moment for what it accomplishes and really is probably one of the most emotional character moments Kirkman has ever written.

A friend gave me his copy of Jonah Hex #50 this week, telling me I’d love it since it was Darwyn Cooke and I did love this issue but for more then just the gorgeous artwork. This issue had tons of great moments but this was by far one of the funniest as Jonah is going around killing 50 men in a bounty and this page was great. I especially loved that final page of the guy getting out of the out house, that’s just cold, Jonah.

Jonah’s badass close up after having killed all 50 men. Just a really cool shot by Darwyn Cooke but I really loved it and it reminded me of all those classic badass hero shots after he did the job and saved the day. A really cool scene to close Jonah’s little adventure.

Then there was the heart breaking ending to this issue. It really left an impact on me after I put this issue done and was almost good enough to make this comic of the week. I loved this moment.
To put it into context for anyone who didn’t read the issue, that’s Jonah’s would be daughter in the box. She was kidnapped by a crazy religious lady who killed the baby. Jonah got his revenge and dropped the baby off with her mother in that little coffin. A really powerful moment that was done well even with no words spoken in it. Also a strong way to end the issue.
Cover of the Week: Siege: the Cabal one-shot by David Finch

Not a lot of great covers this week but Finch did a great job of really capturing the spirit of this issue with this covered. Basically the Cabal having a big fight. Nothing too major but things like the detail and striking poses make this a really cool cover. Finch does a great job with both the 2 main forefront characters and the background characters.
Artist of the Week: Darwyn Cooke

There where some great artists this week but I have to give it to one of the best artists out there right now. Cooke is currently working on adapting the Parker novels and while that looks good I hope he does another mini-series for DC sometime soon.
His art here was amazing. While not quite like his usual style it was still some amazing stuff. He excelled both with some superb action scenes and some really powerful emotional moments as well for our characters and sometimes his art tells the story just as well as the actual words. Some truly great art and I hope to see more from him soon in the future.
Character of the Week: Aunt May

This woman is a saint, seriously. Now I’m talking about Ultimate Aunt May from this week’s Ultimate Spider-man. She’s done a lot for Peter and his friends but now she’s taken in not just Johnny Storm but Iceman as well. Someone give this woman a prize or something.
Comic I wish I Got of the Week: Jonah Hex #50

Though I got to read this issue thanks to a friend I really wish I had picked up this issue at the shop. It was an excellent read and while I’ve never read the series I know it’s based around the Clint Eastwood Westerns and I loved those movies. This was an amazing read with amazing art, may pick it up next time I’m in the shop.