Week’s End – July 5th 2009

Week’s End is back to set all you kids straight. We’ve added two new things, runner ups for each award and the “whoa” of the week.  The “whoa” is a a counter to the “ugh” where I point out one really awesome from the week. It can be anything, a specific cover, a moment or something about a comic in general.

Last time on Week’s End though I was reminded that I should give a Spoiler Warning often for Week’s End. Yes, for those reading, you should know that just about every edition of Week’s End will come with spoilers of some kind.

Comic of the Week: Spawn #193

To repeat a statement from the last edition of The Week Begins, some decisions are just too easy. Just about everything in this issue was great, and this is the best issue of Spawn in quite some time. The series has been on a steady rise over the last few months. Definitely the best issue of Endgame for sure.

Runners up: Savage Dragon #150, Batman and Robin #2

Moment of the Week: the Show Must Go On (Batman and Robin #2)

The best part of Batman and Robin #2 was this conversation following Damian running off. It’s conversations like this that remind me why Alfred is such an imperative character to the Batman mythos.  This scene also provides a twist on Dick as Batman that is making me finally like the transformation.

Runner Up: Captain America on D-Day

Cover(s) of the Week: Captain America: Reborn #1 (all covers)

This was a very tough decision, trust me. This week had some seriously excellent covers and to pick one was impossible. Looking at all the great covers for Captain America: Reborn #1 I had to choose them all. I could not pick just one. Each one has something great and unique about it.

The Hitch cover has an awesome dynamic pose and the scene of war behind Cap looks cool as all hell. The Ross cover (the one I got) has a great use of the two light colors to display a warp like image. Cassidy’s image was just very bold, especially with the colors. The Quesada variant was just very imposing and it looked badass as far as Cap is concerned.

So yeah, four awesome covers that win the award since their of the same comic.

Runner Up: Witchblade #128 Luke Ross variant.

Character of the Week: the New Batman

This was another tough decision.  Clown would have won this award if it weren’t for the final panel of Dick saying “the show must go on.” That line cemented Dick as the new Batman for me and finally made me really accept it. Morrison has been doing very well on Batman and Robin.  It may not be quite perfect, but Morrison is still delivering work on that title.  And Morrison is doing a great job with Dick Grayson in particular.

Dick’s new take on being Batman is just brilliant. To treat it as a role that he is acting and that he is a performer. It makes for an interesting twist on Dick playing Batman rather than just copying him.

Runners up: Clown (Spawn), Sara Pezzini (Witchblade).

Artist of the Week: Greg Capullo (Spawn)

Another easy decision. Capullo’s long awaited return to Spawn was well worth it. The man’s brilliant artwork graced issue #193 and he made every page, panel and character look great. Sure there was some minor problems with the coloring, and Capullo did have a few odd moments, but those can easily be overlooked for the incredible artwork we where treated to this week.

Runner Up: Stjepan Sejic (Witchblade)

The “Whoa” of the Week: Savage Dragon #150 100 pages!

When at my LCS this week I was shocked to see that Savage Dragon was like a TPB, for the cheap price of 6 bucks (it is for a TPB) rather than a comic. That was so awesome. Erik Larsen has to be one of the smartest guys in comics today.  First, we got Savage Dragon #144’s awesome style of several days on a page, then Savage Dragon #148 was for free and now this.

Runner Up: Sara Survives (Witchblade)

The Comic I Wish I Got: Marvel Divas #1

A really good looking comic that is seemingly getting mixed reviews. Some people love it and call it a quirky and great read.  On the other hand, others seem to hold a lot of disdain for it. Personally, I wish I could at least check it out, but with only 10 bucks on me this week I had a limited budget. Oh well, there’s always the collection.

Runner Up: Destroyer #4

A final note, there doesn’t seem to be any comics this week coming out for me, maybe one I’m not noticing, so I probably won’t have a The Week Begins this week.