Week’s End – September 20th 2009

Week’s end, oh my, it’s on time! How shocking. I could get used to this “keeping with a schedule” thing!

Comic of the Week: Streets of Gotham #4

A really tough call between this and Amazing Spider-man #605. Both where great reads but I’m giving it to Streets of Gotham for being a more unique read this week. This issue totally took me by surprise with what Dini was going to do and it worked out well. This was a simple but great issue that showed that Streets of Gotham is a unique and awesome comic that shouldn’t be missed.

Moment of the Week: Moon Knight can Surf!

Hard to beat surfing on a car through the streets. That girl looking at him impressed was icing on the awesome cake. I was considering picking up issue #1 because Moon Knight is a character that interests me and the art alone looks amazing but I decided not to. Regretting that decision as it turns out this could be one badass new ongoing I’m missing out on.

Cover of the Week: Merc with a Mouth #3 by Arthur Suydam

For those who never saw last year my list of my 25 favorite horror films then I’ll catch you up to speed that I love Dawn of the Dead. It’s an amazing sequel to an amazing film and one of the most timeless zombie stories ever. Seeing it get an homage here by the man who popularized Zombie Covers is just plain awesome in every way.

Character of the Week: Mary Jane

Not too say the Broker wasn’t a great new character but I think in terms of actions MJ was the best character of the week. Her flashbacks to her fights with Peter and all that great stuff but what really made it work was how Van Lente showed her. We got a strong smart MJ that isn’t afraid to kick ass and it was great.

Artist of the Week: Phillip Tan

Much as a lot of other people seem to dislike his style I really loved his art on this week’s issue of Batman and Robin. It was great stuff especially the way he draws Batman. What made it work best though had to be the awesome coloring. It works so well with the dark and moody art and it really is great stuff.