Week’s End – September 27th 2009

Week’s End is here but the Week Begins probably won’t. I’ve only got one comic coming out and while I’m looking forward to Amazing Spider-man #607 at the same time there’s nothing else interesting me that week. I may not even go to the comic shop. So yes, no The Week Begins for you all. Now onto this edition of Week’s End

Comic of the Week: Amazing Spider-man #606

An easy choice for me. While this issue wasn’t perfect, the ending especially didn’t do much for me, I still enjoyed it. Black Cat is a great character and her return is being handled well by Kelly. But what really makes it work is both the beautiful art by Mike McKone along with Kelly’s great humor.

Spider-man is the perfect hero to blend humor with so you’ve got to hit a stride with the jokes and keep ‘em coming if you’re going for the funny. Kelly starts off with some light humor and by the end of the issue I was near sobbing tears of joy at how funny it got. It was great. An all around great issue leaving me excited for more.

Moments of the Week: the Goddamn Spider-man and Banner is a Bastard

F*** YES! Spider-man for the win. If this is a prelude to the events of The List: Spider-man then there’s no way I’m missing out on that. This was so awesome in so many ways. I finally have a desire to be reading New Avengers if we get more of Spider-badass. Spidey hasn’t even been half this cool in his own title, I guess someone thought they should remind us all why he’s the goddamn Spider-man.

Banner deserves a prize for the most ballsy thing to say to a super villain. Calling him ugly would be one thing, insulting his mother could get him killed. But damn, calling him a punching bag only useful because another villain was busy? Why don’t you kick him in the balls and tell him his mother never loved him while you’re at it. This was so badass.

Everyone and there mother has made a Conan joke about Skaar. I think I am going to pick up the next issue of Incredible Hulk and consider it for the pull list if this is the kind of fun and cool read we get each month. Banner is awesome and it’s about damn time Skaar find out why everyone is making Conan jokes.

Cover of the Week: Wolverine First Class #19 by Skottie Young

Dear Skottie Young, you are crazy and I love it. This cover is just so crazy and funny and it has that old time feel to it with the filter. This is so awesome. Skottie Young should do 75% of Marvel covers.

Artist of the Week: Steve McNiven

Okay I’m going with the obvious choice but it actually was a bit of a tough call. Corey Walker on Invincible this week was amazing. Though I have to give it to McNiven for just downright blowing my mind on the awesome. While I wish he could have gotten to draw some more emotional moments for Logan I can put that past me as this was just damn awesome looking. Every page and panel bled greatness.

Character of the Week: Old Man Logan

This week had some great characters. But I have to give it to Logan cutting loose again. Though it was more then him killing the Hulk Gang. It was how sadistic he was. It was over the top and I loved it. I also like the very end between him and the others. Just a nice moment to cap off a great story and a great character as well.