Cara Delevingne Says Super Hero Movies Are Totally Sexist

Suicide Squad Movie

Suicide Squad Movie

Certain people probably should know their own limitations. Just because you are say a comic book writer or maybe a Hollywood actress does not mean you are qualified enough to make public comments concerning certain social issues. It is often better left to people with superior speaking skills or more education and qualifications in areas of social reform. Absolutely none of that stopped actress Cara Delevingne from opening her pie hole and letting loose the stupid.

Delevingne will be playing the role of the Enchantress in the upcoming Suicide Squad movie. And, to be fair, the topic that Delevingne was attempting to address is a legitimate topic for discussion: The role of women in super hero movies. No doubt that female super hero characters have had an uphill battle in the world of movies. So far, we have not gotten a super hero movie with a female lead. Now, Marvel is attempting to remedy this with a Captain Marvel movie. And, one would hope that DC was readying a Wonder Woman movie. So, while the issue of female super heroes in movies is something that is a valid talking point, Delevingne ruins everything by letting her stupidity completely cloud a legitimate issue.

Generally though, superhero movies are totally sexist.

*cough* *chokes on mouthful of coffee* Huhbutwaht?! Superhero movies are TOTALLY sexist? You know what is always a losing position to take in a debate? Blanket sweeping generalizations that make the person putting forth the argument seem Coo-Coo for Cocoa Puffs and totally ruining their credibility. Are there sexist moments in super hero movies? Maybe. Honestly, none spring to mind at this moment. I certainly cannot remember anything sexist about Catwoman in the Darknight, Gamora in GoTG, Black Widow in Captain America 2 or in Avengers 1 and 2 or about Pepper Potts in the Iron Man movies.

Like I said, I am sure that there may be legitimate instances of sexism somewhere in all of the comic book movies ever produced. But, to say that super hero movies are “totally” sexist makes people just wonder if you line your head with tin foil to block out the alien transmissions being beamed to Earth.

Female superheroes are normally naked or in bikinis.

*Quickly sprints to DVD collection and frantically searches in hopes of seeing Michelle Pfeiffer, Anne Hathaway, Scarlett Johansson or Halle Berry naked.* Dammit. Absolute NONE of the actresses who have appeared in comic book movies were “normally naked.” For that matter, none of them were even in bikinis! Michelle and Anne as Catwoman both work full body catsuits. Scarlett? Full body costume, too. Halle Berry? Full body costume. Scarlet Witch in Avengers 2? Also full body clothing. Jean Grey? Full body clothing. Dammit!! Where are all these female superheroes running around in bikinis in the movies?!

No one would be able to fight like that. Wonder Woman, how the hell does she fight? She would be dead in a minute.

I thought the first two sentences of this quote were quite moronic. However, these two lines might actually pull off the impossible and crank up the stupidity to an even higher level. Seriously, the stupid is so thick that you could cut it with a knife, spread it on some bread and have a pretty substantial meal.

First, whether a female super hero is in a bikini sized outfit or not has zero to do with her ability to fight. Black Widow in a bikini could fight just as well as Black Widow in her normal full body jumpsuit.

Second, using Wonder Woman in this example is just idiotic. Wonder Woman could fight in literally ANY type of costume that she wanted to and it would have absolutely zero impact on her ability to fight. Why? Because she is invulnerable and has super strength. She could fight in a clown outfit wearing a giant rainbow afro wig and a huge red nose and it would not even remotely impede her ability to fight. So, no, wearing a full body suit versus a bikini would have absolutely NO impact on whether Wonder Woman would be dead or not in a fight. This defies all logic.

So, let this quote be a fine example of how a legitimate point can be utterly lost in a sea of stupidity. And the worst part? Completely detached from reality statements like this only serve to hurt legitimate complaints that are raised on this issue.